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Keeping Pets Safe in the Car
Keeping Pets Calm



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Brittany Breed Info - General breed info, frequently asked question, club links, and more
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Brittany Rescue in Germany

French Brittany Rescue (French Brittany Gun Dog Association of America)
English Springer Rescue America
Pet Finder - Large nationwide listing of dogs in shelters & rescues
Pet Guardian Angels of America - A national pet rescue and adoption assistance service, also offering general and health related articles and resources for all types of pets. 
Pointer Rescue
Rescuers - Shelter dogs & rescue groups in Southern California
Senior Dogs - Links to shelters and rescues which help senior dogs
Dogs for Seniors - National Council for Aging Care

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American Kennel Club - National purebred dog club with lots of info on purebred dogs
ASPCA Poison Control - Contact numbers & info on animal poison control
Bird Dog News - The world's largest read hunting/dog magazine in print and on the net
Dog Food - Find useful information about the content of your dogs food
Infodog - Information relating to dog shows and other competitive events
LaBest - Debbie Walker, Behavioral Consultant
Dog Answers - Tips for answers to your dog related issues.
Upland Almanac - Magazine for the bird hunting enthusiast
Tiffany Hills Animal Hospital - Kansas City area vet supporting American Brittany Rescue
8 Reasons Why Your Dog Keeps Licking His Paws