Gallery of Adopted Dogs - July 2001

These are just some of the happy Britts that found new homes through ABR in July


Amber (IL)

Bandit (CO)

Bo (IL)

Brie (FL)

Bubba (PA)

Chip (FL)

Cooper (OH)

Daley (CA)

Daysie (FL)

Floyd (MN)

Flynn (NC)

Ginger (IL)

Ginger (IL)

Huey (FL)

Humprey (MD)

Jake (CT)

Lady (IL)

Leo (IL)

Mack (MI)

Maggie (FL)

Max (VA)

Millie (KY)

Molly (CA)

Nancy (CT)

Nikki (NY)

Pete (NV)

Rolo (FL)

Rusty (MI)

Sara (OH)

Scooter (DE)

Skip (KS)

Spencer (CA)

Stryker (CA)

Titan (FL)

Tucker (OH)

Tyler (CA)

Betty (MI)
No photo available:
Billie (KY) - Brittany (MD) - Chas (NY)
Daisy (MD) - Leon (MD) - Puppy Girl (MD)