Gallery of Adopted Dogs - May 2003
These are just
some of the happy Britts that found new homes through ABR in May


Abbey (OH)

Bullwinkle (OH)

Duncan (IL)

Ginger (IL)

Hanna (KY)

Kip (FL)

Sam (MI)

Snowy (NY)
Sorry, but most of the photos for this month's adoptions are unavailable.
No photo available:
Bandit (TN) - Buster (MI) - Cabe (NE) - Chester (OK) - Cleo (MO) - Cody (MI) - Copper (TN)
Daisy (UT) - Dixon (OK/KS) - Dot (CA) - Ellie (CA/OK) - Ginger (CA) - Hero aka Bailey (CA/KS)
Hunter aka Hank (CA) - Jack (CA) - Jake (VA) - JD (TN) - Kinko (VA) - Kirby (CA/OK)
Kobi (KY) - Morgan (MD) - Nutmeg (KY) - Payton (GA) - Penny (WI) - Rusty (WA) - Sally (OK)
Sam (CO) - Sandy (IL) - Stormy (MO) - Sydney (VA) - Vern (GA) - Zip (CA/KS)
Did you adopt a dog from ABR that is listed above as "No photo available"?
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