Sofi is doing well with her move Spain to Maryland (we live just above Washington DC).  She has been here almost a year (we picked her up at Dulles Airport in Washington DC on March 25). Here are some highlights of the past year.

She fits right in with our two other dogs, Sam (the Golden Retriever) and Dobby (a 14 year old Brittany) 

She takes walks through the cherry blossom petals with Sam (and tuckered out after the walk).  

In May, Sofi went to Field Day at our daughter Lily’s Elementary School, where she was a big hit with the kindergartners.  In December, she participated in a Christmas parade that Lily’s dance school was taking part in (Sofi became their mascot and was a hit along the parade route).  She also visited Pittsburgh with us for a dance competition.

We have a fairly big backyard that she has enjoyed running around in (and occasionally barking at the neighborhood dogs).  Overall, she is doing well here (although she was not thrilled to find out that it can get cold and that sometimes it snows.)  

We are happy to answer any questions about her and also to give further updates. All in all, she has adapted well to her new life and is very much a part of the family.

Jeff, Rose and Lily Buck, Maryland 




I can’t tell you how happy we are with Chase, formerly Curro, our loving buddy from Spain.  He has been our loving companion for 2 months and it feels like we have had him since he was a puppy although he is closer to 3 years old.  Our first two weeks were spent getting him used to us, his new name and the conversion of language.  He still is very timid around males but getting better every day, but around me, we are best friends.  Of all the Brittanys  (he is our 4th) that we have had, he has by far been the most loving and most happy with every day things.  If he sees us pulling on a coat, it is jumping in the air with back flips and twists (to rival any gymnast) whether it is to go for a ride in the car or just a walk.  Just look at him or say a nice word or if you just want to play for a minute or two and his tail is wagging a mile a minute.  It his mission to greet with gusto every other dog he sees regardless of their opinion of him.  The only one that rules the roost is the cat to which he gives all deference. (Cats tend to rule in certain areas)  Chase is all about the squirrels, what singular focus.  We have had a trainer come to refresh us on how to control all the various dogs we have had that have controlled us rather than them.  We are teaching him to walk on a leash without going after every squirrel and he is doing better.  As they say, it is training the owner not the dog.  This is the best decision that we have made in many years.  He more than fills the boots of other Brittanys that we have had over the years and they have all been great.  The pictures that I have are only in repose or calmness, to capture his essence, he is in rapid motion of happiness and the pictures are a blur.  We have done local road trips and he loves them.  April will be our first 2 week-long trip and I think he will do great.  Any hesitations that I have had about adopting a dog, especially a dog from abroad have disappeared with this guy. 

Tina and Johnson, Vienna, VA










Skippy (formerly Rusty) is doing great. We fell in love with him immediately and have adopted him.

He plays with his tug toy, and he romps in our backyard. He has gotten used to the rain but he doesn’t like the snow or cold. He is definitely a Spain dog because he chooses to sit in the sunniest spots in the house and curls up next to our heater. He has learned to walk on a leash but he does have trouble riding in the car. He gets extremely nervous and he drools! He also loves to snuggle and is a very lovable dog.

Backus family, Virginia










I can't thank ABR enough for my beautiful Spanish baby! Yep, I'm another just foster failure in the ABR international story. Tesoro was just here for a few weeks and then we'd put him in a permanent home.... we met him, we loved him and he's never leaving us! He's the perfect complement to our family. We call him our "glue dog" because he never leaves our side.

When we first brought him home we could tell he had probably never been in a house before because the first thing he did was run right into our glass door, and when we went up the stairs he cocked his head as if to ask "how are you climbing up that wall?" Now he runs up and down the stairs 2 at a time and uses a dog door to go out and run in the yard and play whenever he wants to. 

He's our lovable sidekick who wants nothing more than to be with us – whether watching TV, going on walks or best of all playing fetch. He's always prancing around with toys in my mouth showing them off trying to entice us to play. He's even been known to grab a shoe (confusing it for a toy} - good thing he just carries them and doesn't chew.

Tesoro is a bit of a clown, silly, fun and very entertaining.  His face is so cute and expressive, just check out his picture, He's a gorgeous red roan with a white/red ticked body and dark red paws rising to freckled “splashed” red on white legs. Whenever we come home he does the silliest little “jiggle and shake“  greeting – we can’t help laughing out loud every time. He's gentle but a bit clumsy, just part of what makes him a clown. And while he has never been destructive, occasionally he redecorates the sofa pillows or moves our shoes around.

Tesoro wants please, the minute he understands what you want from him, he’s ready to do it. No argument or sneakiness from this boy. Tesoro seems to recognize and appreciate his second chance and all he wants is to be a good boy and get plenty of love. And we make sure he gets all the "lovings, huggings and kissings" he could ever want!

The Gartenhaus family,  Maryland 


We adopted Bloom from Spain in late Nov 2017, we originally were just going to foster him but fell in love with him. We met Bloom at Dulles when he came through customs, we easily reached in his crate and put his leash on him after just meeting him.

We have 5 other brittanies/Brittany mixes and from the time he was introduced to them, there was never a problem. Bloom was approximately 1.5 years old when we adopted him and he has been a great playmate for our youngest Brittany.

Bloom is by far the most affectionate of our dogs, loves to cuddle with the other dogs and us. He learned most things and our routine pretty quickly, he was not house trained when we got him and we worked for a bit on that....

We are super happy with Bloom and he fit easily into our family. Bloom is the mostly white brittany with the white face and orange ears. 

Murray family, Virginia 




Oh my goodness. WE LOVE HIM SO MUCH. He is such a goofball, loves to put both paws on either side of your face and lick you up your nose. Such a lover!! He and our original ABR adoptee, Ruby have grown very bonded and have a typical brother sister relationship. Our dog trainer has told us that Gus is extremely smart and quick to take to lessons, though he is also very energetic and ruled by his nose. He gets very excited when we see other dogs while walking, not aggressive, just wants to play, so we did a Reactive Rover class with Pasadena Humane Society which he passed with flying colors, and now we work one on one with a trainer helping us to focus them. We've gone on road trips with them, Big Bear, Joshua Tree, and we take them hiking in the Angeles Forest quite a bit which they love. He also loves to come to work with his dad, who owns a record store, and Gus greets everyone with a smile and a sniff, and often comes home at the end of the day smelling like perfume from having snuggled with the lady shoppers. Not one single moments regret with him!  

Jennifer Black and family, Los Angeles





Pluma Maria Manuela De Andalucia aka Pluma, plumi, baby girl, crazy girl, bad girl, Plum and so on came to us from Spain. 

Pluma= Her given name

Maria = after me (Maria del Pilar)

Manuela = The name of the woman that got her at the school door.

Andalucia = The place where she was born  

She is quite crazy.  The sweetest most cuddly fur baby.  She most likely was kicked or beat hard during the first part of her life, because she has a hip that  with certain movements hurts and she cries.  We are giving her supplements for her bones.  Doctor says there is nothing else we can do. 

She is still suffers from separation anxiety.   When we go out she is crated.  Fortunately she loves her crate as she goes in sometimes when we are home.  We put Bailey's bed near her crate and they love that.  The most important being in this world is her brother; she adores him but that doesn't  stop her from taking everything from him.  Even his food if we are not around.   

We are working on leash training.   Loves being outside and chasing after the ball a hundred times if you throw it at her.  Not a fan of other dogs trying to play with her ball. 

She is loving and smart and we couldn't image our lives without her. 

Pilar and Peter Lunt, Virginia





My husband and I first contacted ABR in 2007 when we adopted Mikey.  My husband's father had a Brittany when he was young and told stories about how great of a dog he was.  After reading about the breed, we knew we didn't have to look any further.  We had our eye on a dog named Jasper that was being fostered in Omaha.  By the time we filled out our application, Jasper had been adopted but his brother, Mikey came over for a visit to our home.  We were hooked!   For the last 12 years Mikey has been more than a great dog.

We started thinking about adopting another dog because our oldest dog, Lily (West Highland White Terrier), turned 15 years old and started having fainting spells.  She is doing great now but is on 4 heart medications to keep her active.  Mikey is very attached to Lily.  When they have gone to dog daycare, he does not want to be separated from her.  Even as a "big dog" he is always placed in with the little dogs to keep an eye on her.  We worried that if Lily passed, he would be heartbroken.  We knew that we wanted another Brittany.  We watched the ABR site for months before deciding to put in our application.  To our delight, Harlan and Nancy Vogel (who helped us adopt Mikey in 2007), called us and came for our home visit.  They knew that Yako might be the dog that we were looking for.  

Yako from Spain is a phenomenal dog.  He fit in with our family from the moment we picked him up.  We met Becki in Clear Lake and when we put Yako in the back of our Jeep Wrangler he almost immediately climbed over the seat and curled up next to our 2 kids.  He was perfect in the car ride (even with the kids had food in their hands).  My husband and I kept looking at each wondering how he could be so perfectly mannered!

He immediately fit in with our other 2 dogs, Mikey and Lily when he arrived at our home. And even better, our kids just adore him.  I think the day after he arrived home, the entire neighborhood stopped by to meet him - well all of the kids at least.  He was the perfect gentleman.  
Yako hasn't been on too many road trips with us yet but he did visit our daughter's softball game in the fall.  He sat and watched everyone come and go and again, couldn't have been any better behaved.  He will definitely be attending more games (once it starts to warm up and we can get rid of all the snow!).  

He sleeps with our daughter most nights and is quite attached to the females in our house. He is a drooler and a sloppy drinker but we couldn't imagine our house without him.  
Thank you for all that the ABR does.  

Brett, Shannon, Alexa and Zack Taylor (with Lily, Mikey and Yako), Nebraska




I adopted Gracie through ABR Rescue in June 2009. Gracie was an amazing girl.  Gracie crossed Rainbow Bridge on October 6, 2018.   I missed her terribly and immediately started looking at the ABR website for a new Brittany.  Within a week, a new Brittany was posted, Diana, from Spain!  I called her foster mom and as soon as I heard about her, I thought - she sounds like the one!  Her foster mom drove Diana to my home on Sunday October 14th.  Diana, now Katie, hopped out of the SUV, pranced right into my home - and right into my heart. 


I enrolled her in Beginner Classes at PetSmart.  Katie was not just the star of the class, she was the star of the store.  Every time we went, people would stop and comment on how beautiful she is.  Her coloring is striking.  She stood or sat quietly while people stopped to pat her and ask about her.  She gets along well with adults and children alike.  I shared her adoption story with many interested shoppers.  They could not believe such a beautiful dog was adopted through rescue.  Among the pictures I am sending is a picture of her on Graduation Day. 


Also at PetSmart, her got to see Santa and sat on his lap!  Yes, she was a very good girl!


Unless it is too terribly cold or raining, Katie goes to the local park every day for an hour long walk/run.  There are so many squirrels and birds at the park and she thinks she needs to chance all of them!  


Katie loves to race around the backyard too.  She patrols for the occasional rabbit or squirrel, and  spends time to sitting and staring at birds in the trees.  I am pretty sure she has hunted and I suspect she was a very good hunter.  And no , she has not caught anything - not yet anyway.   


Katie loves treats.  She sits and holds out her paw as soon as the cabinet with her treats is opened.  She knows where the good stuff is kept!  She has a wonderful appetite.  Foods with poultry caused an allergic reaction so her Vet changed her protein source and she is doing much better with beef and fish as the primary protein.  During meals she pretty much lies under the table, but when she detects something she would like, she comes over and pushes her nose against my leg.  Who can resist Brittany eyes - so she gets to lick my plate. 


Katie likes to crawl behind furniture and seems perfectly comfortable stretched out in her hiding places.  She is very athletic and able to sit and lie in all sorts of positions.  She can  twist her legs like a pretzel!  She prefers her back when next to me on the sofa so she can get her favorite belly rub. 


She is very good for a bath.  As I reach to wash each leg and paw she holds the leg high!  She allows me to clean her ears and teeth.  She is not crazy about being brushes, but tolerates it. 


Just about every day is a new adventure for Katie.  One day while I was emptying the groceries from the trunk of my car, she came into the garage, sized up the trunk, and jumped in!  She curled up on the empty cloth grocery bags! 


She loves the car and is always ready to go for a ride.  She sits in the back seat  alert to everything we pass. 


After a long day, she is ready for bed.  She sleeps in my bed, snuggled close, and sleeps through the night.  The minute I get up, she is ready to start a new adventure. 


I cannot imagine how anyone could ever have let Katie go.  But I am ever so glad ABR rescued her and brought her to the USA so she could come to her forever home!


Thanks for all you do for ABR!



Ellen and Katie, New Jersey


Cash, formerly Achilleas, has been such an amazing addition to our family!  Milo, our other dog, has found his best friend!  Cash has a kind disposition and is eager to learn new things!  He loves going on walks with us, and we are looking forward to hiking with him in the spring.  He has transitioned so easily into life at our home, and we could not be more thrilled.  Our last Brit passed away about 16 months before we got him.  We had considered getting a puppy from a breeder, but felt so much better going through ABR.   

As a side note, we joke about Cash being bilingual.  My good friend is Greek, and when she speaks to him he just lights up!  He follows her basic obedience commands, and they have developed a very sweet bond! 

The Camachos, Upland CA









After our Brittany-King Charles mix died we knew we wanted another Brittany. We loved their energy and devoted qualities. We had seen many rescue sites along with breeders in the area. Then, we came across seeing Dona, now Dora, on the American Brittany Rescue web site. 

We inquired about her immediately. It requires a lot of patience when hoping to adopt from a rescue (for good reason). We had also been told not to get our hopes up too high as many other people had wanted Dora.  A month or so later we were told we were to have her!  We were thrilled. Every day with her is as wonderful as the day we first took her home.  

It took her a few days to warm up to us. She had a lot of love with her foster family and didn’t really want to leave. She suddenly was in a new home with a another big dog already in it! She just felt us out for a little while and within days it was like she had been with us forever. 

She’s never had an accident in the house, never tried to get into the garbage. She’s good with other dogs and if she’s not interested she just moves closer to us. If she picks  up something on our walks all you have to do is say “No” and she puts it right down. Walks are really hunting opportunities for her as that is all she is interested in outside. We did take her to the beach one day and within minutes she walked right in to the water with us and started paddling around. 

Inside, she is just a lovable little dog that always wants to lie next to us and be rubbed. The most amazing thing about her is when you stroke her she “coos” and makes the sweetest sounds I’ve ever heard from an animal. 

She is always hungry! She will eat anything except vegetables. Needless to say we are spoiling her a little too much and she is putting on a few pounds. We are calling it ‘winter weight’ and will work on it when the weather is warm again.

You can really really see Dora's past life in Serbia in her eyes. Survival, adventure, past rescues, affection and abuse from others. It’s all there and it makes us want to even more make sure she is as happy and as wanted as she could ever be. 

Sean and Nicholas, New York




From Dora's Serbia Foster Mom

I am so happy to hear that Dona found a home!!! You made me very happy. Her life story is like a movie. I need a lot of time to tell you everything about her. My mother found here on the street when she was 4 months old, she was small and surrounded by other stray dogs which were attacking her because she was 'new'. My mother took her and brought her to our home. We were living in a building and had our own pets. The city name is Obrenovac, 30 km from the Belgrade, the capital city of Serbia. She was at our place till she got the vaccine and was sterilised by the city of Belgrade. They do vaccination and sterilisation of stray dogs and return them to the street. After that she was around our building with other dogs, we were giving her a food and water, my father was taking her to our cottage next to the river Sava, she really loved to swim in the river. It's 7 km far away from our building, she were running from the building to the river and back to the building. She was full of energy. In the 2014. the great flood occured in Obrenovac, everything was flooded. A lot of people were in their homes and couldn't get out of the city. At that time she was somewhere in the woods around the cottage and we didn't know how is she and if she is alive. After seven days mom and dad have managed to get to our cottage, the majority of dogs disappeared :((. They called her and after some time she appeared, but was in a really bad condition. We took her to a vet, (just to mention, she was one of many dogs we rescued from the street and we did and do as much as we can, paying vet, food and all other things with our own money), they did all necessary analyses and found something incredible, she was shot many times, had many bullets in her body. Hunters used the opportunity to shoot wild animals that could not move away from the water, they shot the dogs too, only she survived. Her condition was getting worse, she had blood in the lungs, the vet suggested euthanasia. We could not reconcile ourselves to that, we took her to another vet, the best known in the city of Belgrade, but he suggested the same. We started to cry but couldn't give up of her, she was a fighter. We found a vet who wanted to try to cure her. The next 10 days were tense and uncertain. We were persistent and she was a fighter and we made it!!! She still has some bullets in her body, near the spine that shouldn't be touched. Some time after that one older man wanted to adopt her. He had a home with a great yard. After one year and a half he came to us because he got sick and couldn't take care of her any more. She was happy at his place. She ended up on the street again and was moving from our building to the woods around our cottage next to the river Sava. After some time she disappeared and we didn't see her for 6 months and one day mom saw her in the center of Obrenovac city and took her to our place again. My mother Mirjana knows Goran (founder of human organisation for dog rescue) and he suggested she find her a home in America. We did the necessary tests here and we found out that she had a heart worm and started to give her medication here and I know that her treatment was continued in America. 

Thank you so much for curing her and finding her a home she deserves. Her life here was hard. I told my mother the news I have got from you. You made us very happy. Thank you billion times. Sorry for my english if there are some mistakes.

Please send me some pictures of her in her new home. We cant wait to see her happy in her home.

Marija, Serbia 


Lea has stolen our hearts (and bed!) in a spectacular way. She’s a petit powerhouse that everyone comments on when we’re at the park, wanting to know her breed and love to hear she ‘only speaks Spanish’! She is a tail wagging ambassador when not occupied with squirrels or birds.

Next week will mark 3 months with us. Though we’ve worked on training and manners here at home, we haven’t yet signed up for Dog 101, wanting her to acclimate with us and her dog brother. They are both rescues and have decided they like each other, especially when running together on our 2 acres of fenced greenery. Our lives have been enriched beyond belief! 

She is our first ever Brittany so we are learning more every day about the breed. Her personality and intense instincts leave never a dull moment. I can’t imagine life without her!!

Cheryl and Ian,Oregon








After we adopted him we changed his name from Bruno to Fenrir (One of the great wolves from Norse Mythology), and very quickly he became part of our family. Fenrir enjoys spending time with his brother Atlas from lounging on the furniture, to chasing each other around the yard, going on walks, runs, and hikes, and going to the park to play fetch. Since we've had him, we've taken him to the beach, explored some state parks here in WV, practice his swimming, and played in the snow. We have also been able to go and visit his foster family down in Beaver, WV and gotten to meet other ABR fosters. Most of all Fen likes to spend time cuddling with us and living his best life after a rocky start in Spain.

Paul and Brynnan, Morgantown, WV 






Alain from Spain is now Eddie! He is a wonderful little boy and he has been the King of his Castle since day one. We love him to pieces, he has graduated from Obedience School and has received his Good Canine Citizen Certificate from the American Kennel Club as he was the 1st in his class. 


With all of his energy  and intelligence he has been going to school 2 days per week for Agility Training he is now in the intermediate level and is exceeding his trainers expectations. He is wonderful in the arena, and so alert and enjoys learning new things. We are hoping to place him in competitions only if he wants to do that but it looks very promising.


He is just wonderful with people and all other dogs, he has such a great time at the dog park but still loves to chase the squirrels and chipmunks in  his backyard. He is quite the gardener as well if my husband and I are outside working in the flower beds he is right next to us giving suggestions as to color choices and placement of plants.


Eddie is a loving, happy little dog all of 26 pounds of muscle, he cooks with me in the kitchen every night. He loves to eat vegetables and fruit, tomato's, lettuces, olives, carrots, blueberries, strawberries, cantaloupe & watermelon, he is just amazing I am over the moon with my little blessing from GOD.


I cannot thank you enough for what American Brittany Rescue has done for my small little family here in Marietta Georgia, USA. God bless all of you for your hard work and dedication to your mission of rescuing these wonderful fur baby's.


The Krowns, Georgia




Ryman (formerly Ryen) came to us 12/29/18 from Spain. We could not be happier with this sweet, mellow boy. He has learned to go upstairs with my wife in her office in the morning and then he is ready to take a nap with me in the afternoon. We are still rounding off a few rough edges(garbage loving boy), but as 30 year Brittany people, we could not be happier. Thanks ABR.  


The Quick's, Louisville, Kentucky













Ginger was called Blonde in Greece and is doing great in her new California home! This last summer we took a road trip with her to Colorado. So many new smells. My husband takes her to our almond orchard and she enjoys her freedom to run. She enjoys gopher hunting. When she gets tired, she jumps on the tractor for a few rows. She is having a great time. We were hoping that she would be a hunting dog, but that is definitely not for Ginger. She is gun shy and bird shy. Ginger has been a great addition to our family and helped our elderly dog cope better in his last year because he had a friend with him.  She does well in the car and likes taking trips. She is constantly asking for belly scratches and rubs and she reminds you when you have stopped. We really enjoy our girl.

Karen & Dave Scheel, California




I can't begin to tell you how much we love our Charlie who was called Ordo in Spain and how happy we are that he wound up in our family.   It took a while to get him comfortable with us but today he's a very happy boy 99% of the time.  He still doesn't really like it when we approach him directly but he's completely comfortable approaching us when it's his idea.  We came to the realization that our relationship needed to be about what made Charlie happy so we let him take the lead.  And in doing so we have to laugh, because he has changed all the house rules.  No dogs on the couch?  Doesn't apply to Charlie!  No dogs on the bed?  Doesn't apply to Charlie!  We just can't say no to this little guy.

From the day we got him, in an attempt to bond, I would pick him up in the evening and lay on the couch with him on my chest for 45 minutes to an hour.  At first he'd remain rather stiff but he gradually relaxed and settled in for a cuddle.  Our breakthrough (and the end of the house rules) happened this past October after he'd been with us for about a year.  He decided that if we were on the couch he would jump up to initiate the cuddle rather than waiting for us to pick him up.  That has progressed to Charlie ALWAYS jumping on the couch for a cuddle when we sit or lay down.  And now, in the morning after his breakfast when we all go back to bed, he's on the bed with us too.

He loves his sister Bailey and they race around our property chasing all kinds of critters.  He LOVES walks and makes so much noise in his excitement that he sounds like a chimpanzee.  The joy and love that this little dog has given us is immeasurable.  We still hope he learns to trust people 100% but it may take years.  As an example, when we're outside and call him he'll take a treat but will run off if we try to pet him.  I think we'll get there but more time is needed.

We'd be happy to speak with anyone who would like to know more about adopting a Brittany, no matter where they come from   Charlie is our third ABR Britt and we'll never have another breed.  They are amazing and so very special!

The Haidets, North Carolina


We renamed him Rioja, call him ‘Rio’ for short, after a region in Spain famous (well, with me) for wines.  He is quite possibly the best dog ever.  He learned his commands (sit, stay, come, this way, and wait) in a month or two.  He learned how to walk on a leash, in front of me, without pulling, in about 5 months.  Most of this was accomplished without using food as a reward. 

We trained him that the cat was part of our pack and not a target.  It was difficult training, but he got it.  They play together now. 

He also loves our children.  We have two.  Josie (8) and Wyatt (6) 

We’re also training him to be a running companion.  Both my wife and I run, and we spent a lot of time working with him on a leash, and running with us.  He’s made such great progress, but we haven’t had him out for about a month due to the super cold weather we’ve been having.  We’ll be right back at it once it gets warmer. 

He's also excellent at travelling.  We took him to my in-laws’ house in November.  It’s a 750 mile trip one way (we’re in NJ, they’re in SC).  Rio just laid down on the floor and slept most of the way, only waking up to let us know when he had to go out.  Seriously, best dog ever.  We are so lucky to have him.


The Wolfe family,  New Jersey


Paco is doing great! He has become very comfortable in his new home and surroundings. He loves is yard and being outdoors but has grown to love being inside as well. Paco did not understand wall structures or being inside his first few weeks. 

Paco is a sweet, loving, happy, goofy boy! He has no idea how handsome he is...his hair “do” gets lots of attention. 

Paco and his older sister, Bailey Rae, also an ABR get along great. Bailey Rae dotes on him and has taught him to play. He loves stuffed toys and treats. 

Paco loves car rides and traveling to the mountains with us.
Scott and I have love him and have been so happy to see his progress. He is so adorable and loves his new life. He often seems very grateful! 

Thank you! 


Caroline Hurst


Malia first came into our lives in July 2018 as a picture posted on Facebook related to three Brittany dogs that were flying into SFO from Greece. I knew when I saw her that she needed to be our next family member. The look in her eyes just reached out and grabbed my heart.

I went online to the ABR website to figure out how to bring her home.


I had been grieving the inevitable loss of my beloved Cocker Spaniel Kayla for a couple of months. She was almost 15 and was suffering from arthritis and severe dementia. I spent many long nights up with her as her issues manifested themselves mainly at night. I knew that the best thing for me would be to replace the grief of her passing with love and a purpose.


Sometimes prayers are answered, with a little help from special people like the volunteers from ABR. Just a week after Kayla passed over the rainbow bridge we were able to bring Malia home with us. We knew from the moment that she sat in the back seat of our Xterra with that big sharkie grin that she was a great fit for us.


The best way to describe Malia, which means calm and gentle waters in Hawaiian (lol), is big loveable goof ball. She is very wiggly and her tail is always going. She hates it when we leave her even for an hour, but gets over it by sitting in my leather recliner. She goes nuts when we come home.


Malia has surprised us with what she knows of house and social manners. She’s housebroken, walks well on a leash and has learned other commands like sit, stay, leave it and touch with ease. She knows not to steal food from plates, tables and counters and she is not destructive. She follows me at bedtime and goes into her crate. We believe that her family in Greece must have taught her many of these things and find it hard to believe that she was found as a stray. When we go to restaurants, Malia lays quietly at our feet. If I’m walking her and I stop to chat with a friend she lies down and waits until I’m ready to walk again.


We walk Malia three to four times a day at home, and we take her everywhere with us. She loves all people and is surprisingly gentle with young children. We head out to the local dog park a couple of times a week where she can run and play with other dogs. We have a boat on the California Delta and belong to a club that has a private island. She loves the boat and running on the large grassy area of the island. There are often other dogs and they have a great time...even running along the shore and swimming in the river.


In summary, I think it would be fair to say that our lives revolve around this furry goof ball named Malia, and we are so grateful that we were chosen to be her forever family. We love her to the moon and back.

The Uhlins, San Jose


I assume that all the internationals are probably like Xavier when they arrive- petrified!  His journey to America began in Seville. His traveling party flew into Dulles in DC on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving and he stayed with a temp foster from then until Saturday.  On Saturday, he and and another came south.

As soon as we got him home, Xavi immediately bonded with my adult son.  Xavi was in Robbie's lap being petted and when Robbie stopped he reached up with one paw and gently patted Robbie on the side of the face.   It was as if he was saying " Is this what it is like to feel safe, secure and loved?"  He continues to softly pat everything he loves- toys, me, food bowl etc and that is one of his most endearing traits.  I have 2 females and Gabrielle is alpha- very alpha- she usually puts fosters in their place within the first hour.  Yet she shared the sofa and her beloved (to the point of obsession) human brother with Xavi within the first hour.

Xavi was very timid during transport and continues to be timid when outside of his yard.  When we walk he stops every few steps to check his surroundings and is on high alert.  He gets startled at strange sounds, loud noises, sudden motions.  So I think he must be suffering from some sort of ptsd. Thankfully I live in a small town so there isn't lots of traffic on my street.  

Whether it came from maybe being in a home at some point in his life or just watching Gabrielle and Gracie Allen, Xavi was completed house trained and could use the doggie door in 2 days.  He also learned basic commands quickly.  Interestingly, he would not respond to verbal Spanish commands- I assumed this was due to my southern accent.  A month after he arrived, a friend from France came to spend Christmas with us.  One of his grandmothers was Spanish so he tried commands in Spanish with no result.  He switched and said he couldn't understand why Xavi wouldn't sit.  As soon as he heard sit in French, Xavi sat his little butt right down.  I know basic French and gave the sit, down, stay and come commands in French and he obeyed every time. From that we assume he lived in France or with French speakers.  For anyone afraid to adopt because of the language barrier, it isn't a problem.  Adopters with other dogs can count on the new one learning from them. They all understand the language of love and that will be the key.

Xavier is cute because... he's small, his tail is beautiful, his eyes are soulful, he's polite and gentle.

Xavier LOVES... toys, cuddling, food, treats- especially frozen blueberries and Old Mother Hubbard dog cookies, his yard, people petting him, praise, sleeping as close as he can get to me at night under the covers, walks on a quiet street or path, bird watching, lizard chasing, squirrel intimidation, his human brother, anyone that visits but most of all his sisters- especially my liver/tri Gracie Allen.  He is her shadow.  Since the first morning he woke up here, he has washed the inside of Gracie Allen's ears with his tongue.  He doesn't miss a day and he truly idolizes her.

Thanks for writing about Xavier (which we pronounce ZHA V A instead of the Spanish HA V A). 
Kay Crandall, North Carolina


Salvador gets a lot of love.  He is happy here after a rough start in life in Greece.  He has his favorite toys, loves my granddaughter, loves the dog park and car rides.


He sticks by me and is my constant companion.  He has a dog bed in the car and sleeps UNDER THE COVERS in my bed!  I have managed to put a little weight on him even though he is a very picky eater.  He has one bad habit…running away.  He has found more ways to get over, under or through a fence than any other dog I have ever had.  He used to have an initial fear of people 

but is far more trusting now.  He’s doing great!


Kathy Taylor, Minnesota






Pau has been an amazing addition to our home. He is super sweet, goofy, and well mannered. We took him to one obedience class and he was the best puppy in the group so we haven't taken him to any others.

He gets lots of outside time running on the beach and playing in the backyard and always keep us smiling. He is super loyal, loves to play catch, and snuggles like a little romeo.

I am including another ABR volunteer, Minkyung in this email because she did such an amazing job with taking care of Pau during his transition to the States from Spain, and helping to get us united with him. (We can't thank her enough!)   

Brett and Jamie Henderson, Florida




Update on ms Bella: she's getting closer to Gary. And Bella, formerly Beauty from Greece, is getting better with other strangers, not great but better. She had a great time tearing up the ads the other day!! Won't lay them on the couch anymore. Every morning after walk, I put her on the bed and she snuggles with Gary and drives him nuts licking his neck for as long as he will tolerate it! We absolutely love her and she is a great addition to our family. 


Gary and Julie Budine, Illinois  



Nick came from spain.  We call him Nicky and he is doing great. He is the cutest and sweetest little dog. He is very needy but that is ok because I am retired and I have time to spend with him. Nicky and my first Brittany, Izzy play together all the time, and like siblings, get on each other’s nerves. I took Nicky to a dog obedience class and he did ok.  

The Soltys, New Jersey




Wow, what can I say about Boz.  We got him in July this year when he was about 10 months old, and he has been an absolute joy.  It was love at first sight for Carol and me and has only gotten better.  He is incredibly smart and well behaved.  He has never met a stranger either two or four legged he didn't like, and greets everyone with a wagging rear end( not much of a tail).  His favorite pastime is playing ball which he would continue all day long if we would let him.  When we go outside, he is a natural hunting instincts take over and he loves watching the deer we have in the area.  We could not ask for a more loving, attentive companion and he is the consummate lap dog.  As soon as one of us hits a recliner, he's there.  Everyone that meets him is crazy about him.  We have been approached by friends and relatives expressing their feelings about him and saying they would gladly take him if something happens to us.  I cannot express to you how much we have come to love this little guy who came from Spain.  He is truly special!!! 

The Bulleits, Georgia




Our little "Adele" was renamed by her Foster Mom & since she responded to that, we kept it. Her name is now Rosie! 

We were a little hesitant about adopting a dog from overseas at first but all we had to do was meet her & it was love at first sight! 

She won us over with her sweet, gentle, almost shy & humble demeanor. Rosie came right up to us & seemed so grateful for anything given her. She was a cuddler right from the start. We brought our 4 yr. old American Britt, Rudy with to meet her & they hit it off right away. When we brought her home he gave her a day or two to acclimate then it was Rosie who initiated play time! They chase each other around the yard, play hide & seek around the bushes or inside, around the kitchen island. The wrestling is loud but very evenly matched and when one of them says "enough" the other one respects that. 

She is extremely healthy, which was our biggest worry. We brought her into the vet with all her paperwork, passport,etc.& after a thorough exam, agreed with the original vet who examined her when she first came to the US. She received excellent medical care from the start; spayed, microchipped and shots all updated. The only challenging part really was because the passport & vet records from Greece were in Greek, our vet had trouble figuring out what she actually had as far as meds. and vaccines. But Google translate helped so it really wasn't too bad.

Rose loves long walks; she walks very well on leash. We go to the park every day to meet up with other doggie friends and we have taught her basic commands. The only "negative" if you want to call it that, is her fear of rain. Not usually a problem for us in Northern California, but rainy season is upon us so we've just experienced her distaste for getting wet! I bought her a raincoat recently & have worked with food rewards to encourage her to come out to do her business. So far, she's doing better and not hiding behind the chair when I ask if anyone has to go out. Hard not to just melt with that face she gives you!! 

We are thinking of doing therapy work with her. She is so gentle & loves to be pet that visiting those in the hospitals or retirement homes might be good. We have a local group that works with kids struggling to read so the kids read to the dogs as they pet them to gain confidence with a nonjudgmental audience. One of our new neighbors has a son who is terrified of dogs & just yesterday, he actually pet Rosie.

Everyone at ABR was terrific to work with. They made it as easy as possible. Same as adopting from anywhere in US.

Thanks for all the good work you do at ABR! We love our Rosie!

Monica and Bob Collins, California


Piccolino, now Pico is a beautiful 28 pound Brittany. I adopted this Greece import and what a lucky time in my life. He’s gentle-loving - smart - and becoming my best friend. He cuddles with me while watching tv and in bed. He also loves my 9 year old lab. They’re best friends. I’ve also fostered two  Brittainy and have  given these beautiful dogs to their new forever homes. Hard to give them up. American Brittany Rescue does a  great  job making sure these wonderful dogs get an opportunity to have a good life. They’re special and deserve to have a great forever family. I love my Pico and Ryan. 

Bob Baldus, Iowa 


I've now had "Pete" aka Kobe since Aug. 2017. He came from Spain. He is a beautiful and gentle male. He is my constant companion.  

We live in coastal Delaware and Pete and I take anywhere from 1 - 5  walks every day.  A favorite spot for him is a beautiful little park with a 1/2 mile path around an ocean lake and wildlife preserve by the ocean called Lake Gerar. 

We travel regionally a lot. Up to New England and New York, Southern Maryland, DC and Virginia. He loves to visit my brother's mini-farm near Annapolis, MD and play with their lab and race around the grounds. 

He is a power digger and likes to bury my shoes in his yard at home! My son and i built him a large area with a dog door, so ge runs in and out all day at home too. He helps me with gardening and likes to transplant my azaleas and rhododendrons to his own holes!  

By the way, he seems to have mastered the English language perfectly. He's an incredibly fast learner. I've had dogs my whole life and always females. His personality is so sweet and gentle. He does love to pounce on me in the morning to get me up for some food and to go out!  Next fall we are planning a road trip to New England for foliage season and some hikes in the Berkshires (mountains) and some seafood in Boston with more family!  He loves to ride in the car (fortunately).  

Andrea, Delaware





Kosmo from Greece has been the best dog in the world and literally changed my life.  We walk on average about 7-8 miles a day and I’ve lost 25 pounds.  He’s a nut and loves to climb, rocks, cliffs, mountains, beaches.  And Kosmo’s personality is so infectious that he is a bit of a celebrity, everyone loves him and remembers him!   


Mark Markunas, S.F.

Bonnie Lass

We welcomed Bonnie into our family 1.5 years ago.   She is a true love for all of us and we couldn't imagine being without her.  Thanks to all the rescue work you are doing in Greece and internationally, we feel so blessed to have out little Bonnie Lass by our side.  She was very shy and cautious when she first came to us, but through personalized training with professionals she quickly became a wonderful well behaved companion.  She is very smart and responsive and is often told she is the BEST DOG EVER!   

We are a very active family and so she loves to go on walks or runs with us in our neighborhood, on the beach, in the woods, and is a great traveler on long or short road trips.  She has gone camping with us and stayed in a fancy downtown Portland Hotel, where she was a perfect guest and made many human friends.  We now know she is not fond of glass elevators and army crawls to get out of them as fast as possible... or refuses to move on her own.  We even took her on a road trip to have a reunion in Spokane with Leo, now Theo.  He was her best bud from the Greek shelter.  They remembered each other immediately and had the best time playing in his yard together.   We are fortunate to have a strong relationship with her foster Mom in Seattle and love to visit with her "furbabies".  Bonnie also loves playing with other dogs at various dog parks or at doggy day care centers. We sometimes take her to daycare when we are on a vacation during the day to keep up her socialization skills, and allow us to do some non dog-friendly activities.  She loves her puppy vacations too, and is a playful spunky girl who is always asked to come back to visit.   

Bonnie is obviously Daddy's little furry girl.  She gives him the most rapid tail wags and sweet kisses I have ever seen!   Our 2 children have also gained so many important skills in understanding and responding appropriately to dog behaviors, as well as being very active in helping to care for them, that we can have no doubts that they will be great adult pet owners and rescuers in the future.  I can never tell who loves each other more the kids or the dogs! 

WE are all so fortunate to have a very happy go lucky relationship and will be forever grateful to ABR for bringing her into our lives.   

Claudine and Doug, Seattle



Well Ron is doing great, he fits into our house like he’s always been there.  It is hard to believe it has only been 6 months since he came from Spain.  Ron has been adjusting well and his personality is starting to show.  His favorite things are going for a walk, running around in the back yard and going to bed.  He has worked his way into letting him sleep with us and at night he dances around waiting for us to pull out the bench so he can jump up on the bed (it is a high bed).  And on occasion, he gets impatient and jumps up there on his own.  I have enclosed some pictures, one with his obnoxious younger sister Ellie, he is very patient to put up with her bossiness.  She likes to grab him by the neck and drag him about.  Don’t worry Ron will give her a growl if she gets to be too much.  My husband was so worried about getting a rescue off the streets and was thinking the dog would be difficult.  Well he is cruise control and our younger dog is the bad dog, nobody should have concerns about rescuing a dog internationally.   This summer we all enjoyed a trip to our favorite beach, Ocracoke Island NC and Ron enjoyed walking all around and taking in the new sites.   He also got a few trips on our boat this summer, he is definitely more a boater than a swimmer, he didn’t want any parts of going in the water.  He also was a regular at our local farmer’s market and enjoyed getting lots of attention.  This weekend we are looking forward to our local Pet and Kid Christmas parade, will try to get a good picture for you all.


The Walkers, Virginia 


Sophie is doing just fine. Learning many new things including the language as she came from S. Korea and that her kitties are not to be picked up like stuffed toys. Her back legs are getting stronger by the day and she runs and sometimes jumps up. She cannot yet “counter surf” like our other Brittany does. So that is a blessing. Her lungs which are scared from her pneumonia don’t seem to slow her down and our vet has given her a medication to ease her cough plus percussion of her chest. She has a little pleural fluid that needs to be resorbed, but with good care and food she should have a wonderful life. Her adopted sister, AnnieE, was also adopted about eight years ago from ABR when we lost our previous Brittany. They have bonded and are inseparable.   We love her and would never part with her. This is her “forever home”.  




The Kinley-Wood family, Palmdale, CA




Bridget was named Luna and came to us from Spain on 5.11/18  She has fit right into our family since the beginning. She loves her older sister, Matilda an ABR,  that has been with us since 2/2011.  Bridget has learned to sit, shake, down, turnover, twirl, jump into her car crate and sit pretty. We have also started agility class and it seems as if she has done it all before.  We had our first play day at an arena and she was awesome! The language barrier has never been a problem. She is so anxious to please and her tail is in motion always. She has 2x daily walks, snuggles in bed while we have coffee and since we are stay at home parents there is plenty of interaction. She would prefer that there was NO WET GRASS, but we are getting the potty issue under control, paws are crossed. 



The Johnsons, Washington state







Thank you for asking about our adoptee from Spain. We love talking about her and sharing pics.

FYI, we did change her name from Debbie to Vida. She joined our family (my husband, me and our 6yo Brittany rescue Zoie) mid-May and is such a welcomed addition. Vida and Zoie are inseparable best buds and play constantly. Vida adores Zoie and pretty much follows her lead. In the evening, after the dogs have worn themselves out in the back yard, Vida will usually sit on the couch with me, her head on my lap. And when it’s time for bed, she’s decided it’s much nicer to sleep in the human’s bed than on her pillow. 

My husband and I frequently say that she is the sweetest dog we’ve ever had. Her spirit is entirely a loving one and love is what we give back in return. We adore her.


The Druckers, Oregon




Bonita, formerly Betty from Spain, is doing great!  She has an adventurous spirit. It took a few weeks to allow her off leash. She has adopted me and my two other adoptions, Abbey ½ Brit & ½ Border Collie who is almost 16, Rubey a prior Brittany Rescue now 7. 

Bonita has put on just the right amount of weight, her coat is glossy and soft. We take a two mile hike from our home every day. I’m surrounded by hundreds of acres of public land.  Bonita does much more mileage racing up and down the mountainside looking for rodents, squirrels and chipmunks. Throughout the day I let her and Rubey outside to burn up some of their energy. She has come pretty close to some elk and deer that frequent our yard and learning not to chase them. 

As soon as there is enough snow she will xc ski with Rubey and I.  Abbey the eldest has had a good 15 years of backcountry action and ready for relaxing days.  Bonita loves to run errands in the vehicle perching herself on the console when I allow her to.  I’ve learned that she must stay busy most of the time so leaving out my knitting can evolve into chewed knitting needles and scattered yarn when left unattended. She snuggles next to me in bed every night and delights in wrestling a bit before getting up. She’s now 2 years old and definitely still a puppy. 

I’m so blessed to have this bundle of enthusiasm to love and set free into the beautiful environment I call home here in Montana. She returns to me with a giant smile, wiggling her stubby tail, not letting me out of her site for long.  Her personality and devotion transforms every moment into joy even when she’s mischievous. She’s so cute its impossible not to smile at whatever she’s up to. 

Thank you for your commitment to the  International Rescue and choosing me to care for these beautiful Britt’s. Bonita is the orange one with freckles in the photos. 


Cathy Locatelli

Darby, MT



Mini, formerly Perla was from Spain.  She is doing great and is very sweet.  When we first got her she was very shy but she's coming out of her shell.  She's taken a beginner obedience class and was an A pupil.  We think she'd be great at agility and may try that.  She loves to go for boat rides and long walks.  She visits an assisted living facility a couple times of month and everyone loves her!  We adopted a kitten and they are best of friends.  They chase each other and snuggle together.  I've attached some photos.

Alison and Andy, New Jersey



Theo and Izzy

Dan and Carla Ferguson have generously adopted not one but two of our international dogs.  First adoption was Beti, now Izzy from Spain and next they took in Theo, formerly Leo, from Greece.  Both dogs are thriving in their new home in Washington state.

Here's a recent note from Dan:     the two critters are doing great! Living in the lap of luxury. We have a little foster gal now too. Josie is really warming up to them.  

Note:  Josie is also an international rescue, this little girl with the big ears is from Spain and was named Renee.


Cooper from Spain is doing great! He has separation anxiety that we are working on but other than that he is doing great. He is a great dog. He has playmates he sees once a week on the weekends and loves to ride in the car! It would have been a shame to have him put down. Anyone looking to adopt should use a rescue!


The Johnsons, New Jersey    


Overall, Romeo is doing really good.  He was very skinny when we first got him, from Spain, but now his ribs don’t show and he’s very healthy.  He’s still gets a little weird with my husband-he’ll bark at him when he enters the room, but will sleep next to him on the bed.  He likes my husband when he’s horizontal, such as laying or sitting on couch or bed.  Seems like someone took a switch or something to him.  He definitely was not treated well before we got him.  

We take him on a walk daily, along with our other rescue, a lab mix.  He’s not as active as I thought he would be, they talk about Brittany’s being so high energy, but Romy is a pretty mellow little guy.  Our other dog is way more high energy, lol!  

We also did agility training with him, but he was just too skittish.  Our trainer recommended that we give him more time with us and try again later.

We’ve taken him hiking and on beach vacations and does great.  As long as he’s with us, he is a happy boy! 

The Austins, California


Rusty, formerly Joe from Spain, is the sweetest dog ever! All he wants are belly rubs, milkbones, and going to the dog park. He got house trained almost immediately. He gets along well with our Setter and all dogs. He’s nervous around strangers though. The big issue is that he will use any opportunity to just run, even if that means running away.  We invested in an electric (ecollar)collar and training just in case he gets away. Last month, he squeezed through an open gate (we had it fixed since then) and ran towards the street. I hit the button on the transmitter and said “Rusty Come!” and he stopped and walked back to me.  This past summer, we introduced him to lake swimming, on a 25 foot leash. He loved it! 

Ken Grossman
New Jersey  


Horus from spain, now named Luigi has been with us 6 months on Thanksgiving!  He’s a devoted, energetic Velcro-buddy.  We visit a WV DNR Nature Area called Forks of Coal (Little & Big Coal Rivers).   When he’s off lead, he dives in and out of tall meadow grass like a porpoise.  He’s naturally high energy, but he’s so gentle & anxious to please at home.  Leash walks are vastly improved, but there’s still some work to do on that front.  Squirrel’s are a major distraction.  For our family, he’s a touchdown.  AND, he’s a big fan of WVU football! I send a picture to prove it.  

Luigi is about to graduate from Doggie College with his obedience diploma. Sit, sit-stay, down, down-stay, whoa, here, place and heel in two weeks!  We've adopted the Brittany version of Nokola Tesia!  



J K and Patricia


Cece is doing well and we love her very much. She's settled into our house of many legs: three kids, two adults, two cats, plus Cece, along with occasionally visiting relatives or friends of the kids. She's especially devoted to me and to Colin and spends nearly all her time with us. She even walks with Colin several days a week to his office in the Mission district in SF. He works at a co-working space called Impact Hub, so we like to call her Impact Dog :) Even more, she loves to run free at Ocean Beach, to sniff everything in sight in Golden Gate Park, and to explore the Presidio. Fort Funston is a favorite too. When she's happy and running, her ears fly like little pumpkin-colored ponytails. She is at her absolute happiest in motion. 

When she initially arrived she was very scared of men and tall boy teens. She would shake and hide. Now she's stopped her shaking and is very friendly to most all people. However she has picked up barking, especially at the doorbell and at my teenager son, Hadley. We're working with her to try to stop this and Hadley is being patient. She's completely comfortable with the cats and the cats with her. They hang out to together on the couch, eat dinner right next to one another and regularly vie for my attention.  

She's very trim and fit and most everyone she encounters seems to think she's a puppy. We took her to adult dog manners class and she learned "sit" and "down." This was very exciting to all of us. The "sit" part took a while, but now she's got it.


Because everyone deserves a birthday... 

One year ago today, Mina arrived in Boston after a long flight from Serbia. We drove her to New York that night with the intention of fostering her. At 2 years old, we figured she would be adopted quickly and our happy/sad hearts could feel good about our first fostering gig. But her first vet visit came with the bad news that Mina was heartworm positive. I cried. In those few short days, Mina was already wiggling her way into my heart. Terrified but without any debate, we agreed to foster Mina through her treatment. Mina was a champ, kicked the Heartworm, and of course we adopted her this past summer. We don't know much about her history as she was found as a stray in Serbia, but we do know that a year ago today upon landing in Boston, thanks to #ABR, Mina started a new chapter-- a meal never missed, regular vet visits, days filled with snuggles and kindness and so much love, a whole box of toys to choose from, a safe yard to run in, a human brother and a fur brother and two parents who adore her to pieces. 

So, in honor of the first day of Mina's new chapter, we have declared today Mina's birthday. We will spoil her (as usual), grateful for all the gifts she has brought to our family and everything we've learned from her-- she is resilient, confident, carefree and has the happiest spirit for whatever she has been through! She makes us laugh every day. Best of all, she has brought our other ABR Brittany Henry out of his shell and taught him how to be playful and brave. There is so much to celebrate today.

-- The DiLello Family, November 14, 2018

Bruno renamed Fletcher

When we received Bruno from Spain we changed his name to Fletcher because he didn’t like or respond to the other name. He seems very happy with it.

He’s had an exciting nine months getting to know us and his canine companion, Betsie, an 11-year-old American Brittany who we adopted from ABR more than a decade ago. He was timid when we first got him but after only a few weeks, began coming to me to be comforted when he was nervous. Now, the highlights of his day are the “walkies.” We take a longer walk morning and evening and shorter ones midday and at night. He also loves snuggling on the sofa with me or having Marc scratch behind his ears.

His real doggie personality has come out, and it is delightful. Every morning he is so excited to be up and to get breakfast, he runs in circles and leaps into the air before heading into the kitchen to “supervise” Marc’s preparations of his meal. He also has begun to enjoy the three-hour car trip to our mountain house in Hendersonville, NC. (We live most of the time in Atlanta.) The Hendersonville area has beautiful parks and walking trails, and he loves visiting all of them.

It has been especially satisfying to see him play with other dogs. He took to Betsie fairly quickly but remained wary of other pups until very recently. While he has sniffed the barrels of doggie toys at both locations, only since the fall has he started to play with toys. Every day, he seems to be coming into his own.

Fletcher is a remarkably sweet and gentle dog with a goofy side. He is the fourth Brittany we’ve adopted from ABR (the sixth overall) and, in some ways, has been the most rewarding. All of the dogs have been truly loved, but Fletcher has been the most transformed by it. It is a wonderful sight to behold!





We adopted Max in August of this year.  (We also have an 11 year old pomeranian, Bruno).  He’s now living in San Lorenzo, CA.  We’re about 20 miles south of San Francisco.  We walk him a lot along the shoreline of the Bay.  He sure enjoys his walks!! His nose is always working and searching for squirrels.   We/I walk him about 2-3 miles a day and it’s really hard to wear this dog out.  He just loves being outside, as so do we.  He’s been a great walking companion.   

In the house, he’s a complete gentleman.  He waits patiently for his meals, although he often helps himself to whatever is laying on the counter when you leave the kitchen!  He likes his toys and tug of war. He even has old Bruno playing tug of war with him.  He always lets Bruno win!  He even caught a mouse in the house, however, I think he’s the one that brought it in.  

My husband belongs to a pheasant hunting club, so there may be some hunting training in the next month or so for Max.  He surely has the drive and nose for it.  I’ll let ya know how that goes.   

Thanks ABR International for bringing this fun and lovable dog home!  You’re doing incredible work!!!   

Woof, Stephanie, Steve and Jared


Mika has been enjoying her life in Seattle with her fur sister Nola.  They love each other so much and bonded very quickly, spending much of their day chasing each other around their back yard, wrestling in the house and playing tug of war with their favorite toys.  .  She loves to run!  Mika is still working on not counter surfing and not destroying shoes when her family is at work, and Christmas presents were a particularly tough treat to ignore.  Since we adopted her in June, we she has gotten to go to Colorado where she loved running the mountain trails and getting dirty, hiking near Snoqualmie pass where she ran forever in the snow (she looooooves the snow - our white Christmas in Seattle made her life complete), meeting her niece and nephews, and lots of off leash romps at our local beach where her and Nola see who can collect the most sand - Mika usually wins.  We celebrated her first birthday in November with puppy ice cream and reminiscing about her time on the streets of Greece (she prefers snuggling her humans in their big bed). She has been an energetic and awesome addition to our house.




Last December Larry and I headed out on a road trip to Santa Rosa from Southern California to see about adopting “Lady”, a French Brittany that had come from Santorini, Greece. We found her to be beautiful with classic orange and white markings and a tail that doesn’t stop wagging. We were smitten with her right away, but of course she had to pass the test with Gracie, our ABR Brittany that we had adopted from Texas seven years ago. All went well and the two dogs got along like they had known each other forever. We decided that Lady should have a name that represented her homeland, so renamed her “Cleo” (for Cleopatra) because of her dramatic black eyeliner and cute black spotted nose.

Once home, Cleo carefully watched everything going on around her then quickly settled into our daily routine. She did great at her obedience class and loves everyone and all dogs that she meets. Her favorite thing is eating.  After that comes going for walks, rides in the car and demolishing squeeky toys. Gracie has taught Cleo about chasing birds, lizards and squirrels and those are now some of her favorite activities too.

Cleo is the sweetest dog. She just wants to reach out and touch everyone and has become a favorite wherever she goes. Cleo is such a joy to have in our lives and we are thankful that ABR has such a wonderful adoption program, especially now with the international adoption program.

Crystal Maes      


Wilbert, now Hudson, came from the Santorini Animal Welfare Association in Greece with his sister Wanda (now Lexi) in April 2017.  His family sent us this update, “In our time with Hudson AKA Huddy, he has matured both physically and mentally. When we first got him, he was skittish around most people but now he gets excited to see those who he knows well. While he still is wary of new people, he warms up to them quickly.  He loves to play around with his many toys (especially ones that squeak) and he is always up to go for a jog.  He has grown noticeably and, based on our own measurements, he has gained approximately 15 lbs. since we got him.  He is the sweetest dog I've ever had. 


I want to thank you so much for rescuing him. He is so wonderful, and I am as attached to him as he is to me.



Maia came to the US from Greece in April 2017 and according to her new family, she is a perfect addition. Maia is full of energy and love. She loves to cuddle with her Mom on the couch and even on the bed when her Mom sleeps during the day after a night shift.  She also loves playing with the kids, who are six and eight years old.  The kids can be a bit physical and love getting close to Maia but she has never growled and is very patient and caring.  Maia’s new family has another rescue dog, Freckles, an eight-pound terrier/chihuahua mix who is about eight years old.  Maia and Freckles get along very well.  Maia has a lot of energy and loves running in her spacious backyard.  She is very conscious of the pool and does not go in although her family has taught her where the steps are just in case.  Maia loves to play with a puppy who moved in next door, an 8-month-old Boxer named Tully.  Maia is the perfect playmate for Tully.  Freckles is a bit old and grumpy to engage in play, but he and Maia are pals!  Maia loves to eat the ice out of the water bowl, which is added on hot summer days.  Maia also loves shoes!  If the family is not careful where they leave their shoes, they become Maia’s play toys and she manages to pull the sole out!  She has chew toys which she loves to chew and cattle femur bones to chew on also.  Maia is very friendly to all she meets.  When she goes outside in the front of the house (with supervision) she roams the front yard which is in a cul-de-sac.  Maia shows off her athletic ability by chasing the neighbor birds through neighboring yards.  She is very fast!  Maia seems to really enjoy her new home and her family says, “we are lucky to have her”.



When Marco first arrived he had some quirks, like being afraid of the broom, hating the rain, and an extreme fear of being in a kennel. He was easily startled by loud noises back then too, which made car rides and the Fourth of July a little scary for him. Potty training was a challenge, and he scarfed up ever morsel of food he could find, but his sweetness was always there. Looking back it feels like he blossomed quickly. He now LOVES the car, no longer runs from the broom, is much calmer and more comfortable in general, doesn't really startle at all, and can even leave food in his bowl if he's not hungry! We still don't kennel him because he still doesn't like to be shut in, but he actually loves his kennel now, to the point that his kennel is his favorite place to sleep. The door is always open for him to go in and out as he pleases, but he even prefers to sleep in his little "cave kingdom" (as we call it) over sleeping on the bed with us now! He still hates the rain, though. As an example, we have a dog door, and when it was raining recently he thought he figured out a way to go potty outside without getting wet. He stuck his head out so that the flap still covered him and then proceeded to go. Unfortunately, he did not realize that his back half was still inside! it was hilarious. Despite his hatred of rain, he loves to swim. We recently got a little kiddie pool for him to wade in on hot summer days, and we frequently go on hiking trips where he will have an opportunity to get in the water.

He's taken so well to training too. He enjoys learning new things and he's a pro at sit, stay, and recalls now! Turns out his favorite summer treat is watermelon and his face lights up whenever he sees me cutting up slices! Of course he always gets a piece.

One of the most wonderful things about Marco joining our family though has been how much he and his brother Murphy have bonded. We got Murphy as a puppy and in part decided to get Marco so Murphy could have a buddy. We didn't realize how much joy it would bring them both. Marco is definitely the little brother. He follows Murphy everywhere, has to sniff everything Murphy sniffs. He likes to cuddle with Murphy when they nap, and is just generally more comfortable and confident with Murphy is around.

I could go on for ages about how wonderful it is to have Marco in our lives. He's just so incredibly sweet, such a good playmate and buddy for his brother. He really more than doubles the joy of having one Brittany. We couldn't imagine our lives without either of our boys, and we owe a huge debt of gratitude to everyone involved in the ABR international program: from the kind people who cared for Marco at the shelter in Spain, to the ABR volunteers who traveled to bring him here, to his foster mom, Yuki, our coordinator Andrea, and everyone else who helped bring him into our lives. Thank you!

From two happy dog parents,

Olivia and Cole Reichenbacker


 Buttercup came from the Santorini Animal Welfare Association on the island of Santorini, Greece.  We don’t how she ended up at this shelter, but we thank SAWA for keeping her safe until ABR could bring her to the U.S 

Buttercup, now Brandy, has found her forever home in Northern California.  Her Mom & Dad are a retired couple who are home much of the time, so she always has someone to hang out with.  Brandy has a large backyard with a swimming pool and loves to explore the outside smells and watch for wild turkeys and other critters that might wander by. Her family recently purchased a large motorhome, so Brandy can travel with them when they go camping.  Her new family adores her and says they don’t know what they would do without her.

Το Buttercup, τώρα Brandy, την βρήκε για πάντα στη Βόρεια Καλιφόρνια. Η μαμά και ο μπαμπάς της είναι ένα συνταξιούχο ζευγάρι που είναι κατ 'οίκον πολλές φορές, οπότε έχει πάντα κάποιον να συναντήσει. Το Brandy έχει μια μεγάλη αυλή με πισίνα και αγαπά να εξερευνήσει τις εξωτερικές μυρωδιές και να προσέχει για άγριες γαλοπούλες και άλλα ζώα που μπορεί να περιπλανηθούν. Η οικογένειά της αγόρασε πρόσφατα ένα μεγάλο αυτοκίνητο, οπότε και η Brandy μπορεί να ταξιδέψει μαζί τους όταν πηγαίνουν κάμπινγκ. Η νέα της οικογένεια την λατρεύει και λέει ότι δεν ξέρουν τι θα έκαναν χωρίς αυτήν.




Wanda came from the island of Santorini, Greece with her brother Wilbert.  She is now a year old and you can see what a Daddy's girl she is.  She was renamed Lexi in honor of her Greek roots.  

Lexi is a doll, and everyone loves her.  She's a bit shy with new people but is getting better.  She is great with other dogs and can play, play, play all day with her new sibling, a 2-year-old male.  She loves her chew toys, treats and sleeping on her Dad.  Her family can't imagine life without her.






Hope is one of the first three dogs ABR brought to the US from Greece.  Hopes family said she's doing great with her (practically identical!!) French Brittany sister and she's now named Luna.

Luna taught herself how to jump up on the bed and relax and is enjoying her new life in the US. 




Muffin’s foster Mom and Dad knew he would become part of their permanent family the moment he curled up on Mom’s lap on the drive home from Dulles Airport.  He heaved a great big sigh and settled in, with his chin resting in the crook of her elbow, all the way back home to the Eastern Shore.  He is a happy and spirited boy, so they renamed him Opa, an expression the Greek people use to indicate joy and symbolizes the celebration of his wonderful new life in the USA.  His family says he jumps up and does an adorable little shimmy thing when of his humans walk into the room.


It was obvious that Opa had never lived in a house before because he cringed at various sounds, such as the hand-mixer.  But Opa is smart and he learned very quickly that the hand-mixer was not such a bad thing after he was offered a sample of the mashed potatoes his Mom was preparing.  At first, he didn’t realize that his family’s bed was more comfy than the floor, so they bought him a dog cushion and allowed him to discover this in his own time. Sure enough, one morning they woke up and there he was, snoozing and snuggling with his two fur siblings.  Now when he hears, “it’s bedtime”, he sprints upstairs and jumps on the bed to secure his favorite spot.


Opa adores his fur-siblings.  He energizes his nine-year old Brittany sister, chasing her in the backyard and nosing the tennis ball toward her. He has also developed an endearing habit of propping his front legs across her back while they are waiting for a treat.  She loves that!  Opa plays tug ‘o war with his brother, a feisty Maltese, always remaining ultra-gentle and sometimes allowing the little guy to win.


Opa’s family is proud to report that he has graduated obedience school and will continue to ‘higher education’ in a few weeks.  Opa loves being part of the family’s routine in everything from attending dog-related fundraisers to beach walks to camping trips in their motor home.  His family says, “We love our sweet boy and we are grateful to ABR for allowing us to adopt him.”














Cinnamon was found in the woods on the mainland of Greece. Her rescuer was on a mini-vacation with her husband and another couple. While walking through the forest this little dog ran up to her, begging to be saved.  The people she was with would not let her take Cinnamon in their car so she had to leave her.  She could not get this starving little sweet creature out of her mind.  She woke her husband in the middle of the night and said, "We have to go back to get that dog."  They did go back and Cinnamon ran up to her again.  Her rescuer found a vet in the area that would board her while they were there and then took her back to their home in Athens where she received her full vet care. The rescuer reached out for help and connected with ABR.  Cinnamon was brought to the U.S. in early 2017 as part of ABR’s first rescue trip to Greece. 


Cinnamon has found her forever home and her new family has named her Lucy because she's a red head just like Lucile Ball in the show I Love Lucy and she’s a little goofy like her too!  Her family says she is doing well.  Lucy adores their yard and they were learning the balance of them training her vs. her training them (she's very sneaky and has figured out exactly what to do to earn treats when she desires them!!)  Lucy also enjoys sitting on their outdoor swing with them and at times insists that they sit there with her while she watches over the yard!! It sounds like Lucy is doing well at training her family!!!