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Hello - It's about time we shared our success story with you. What you've done for us is priceless!

We found handsome Petey on your site in the summer of 2008. I remember the night we picked him up at the airport here in Calgary. Poor Petey was understandably out-of-sorts, as he flew from Texas to Alberta that night. We brought him home and waited for his pink nose to come around.

Lorie Weaver told us a bit about his past...that he had been caged for long periods in a rural setting in Oklahoma, and scared of pretty much everything. So, welcome to the bustling city - where airplanes and light posts and mailboxes are scary! This dog needed some love and reassurance. We immediately signed up for some intensive dog training to boost Petey's confidence and get him used to being with us. We're lucky to have celebrity dog trainer Brad Pattison in our city and we all learned a lot. Petey really responded and his fears slowly but surely went away.

We take Petey everywhere. We're quite active so he's seen his share of mountain hikes, lake swims, beach visits, camping, snowshoeing and doggy playdates. Then things REALLY changed. We welcomed two wonderful children to our family! Petey was very accepting, gentle, and protective of his new packmates. Petey continues to be absolutely adored to this day. He just had his 11th Christmas with us and he loves searching his gifts under the tree and ripping them open.

Petey has started to show his age a bit - he's now pretty deaf and likes his naps, but still runs like a puppy at the dog parks and keeps the squirrels in check in our yard.

Thank you so much in helping us find Petey. Please find attached a few fun moments we've had - and hoping for many more to come!

Brad & Kim Powell






This is just an update on Louie, sometimes called Lou-Lou or Louie Boy…  a 1 ½ yr old male Brittany we adopted through your organization.  Louie is one of the most kind, calm and gentle dogs we have ever met.  He is very content to lay his head on your lap and if you let him “in” your lap to cuddle.  In addition, he gets along with his bossy new sister-dog, Sadie and the two of them are inseparable.  They insist on sleeping together in their kennel or in the garden, running endless laps around the pool and fighting over who gets to retrieve the rope toy they love so much (He always lets Sadie win even though she is much smaller than him).  Just since he has come to live with us he has learned his basic commands like sit, stay, come and to retrieve his toys and bring them back multiple times.  In addition, he has many children between the ages of 8-16 and male/female grand-dogs of all sizes that visit him throughout the week and he is always happy to play and love all of them.  We love our Lou-Lou and are so happy he has joined our family!





Misty was supposed to be a foster. She was 13 and her human had died unexpectedly a year before and now the teenage neighbor who had taken her in could no longer keep her. She was obviously not pure Brittany, but Michelle Falkinburg wanted to help her anyway and Misty needed to be picked up quickly.  We had just lost our Brittany, Abby to lung cancer and wanted to look for a younger dog, but fostering Misty seemed a way to have a dog in the house while we looked. Misty was obese, at 42 lbs. she needed to lose at least 8; she had severe hip dysplasia in both hips and the arthritis to go with it. Even her front legs were weak from being so heavy for so long. She could not even muster up a trot. Her liver enzymes were high, dogs get fatty liver too!! She needed a lot of rehab. Misty had a Brittany heart and disposition – she was a super sweet, feisty girl (her nickname became “Miss Bossy Pants”) and we fell for her very quickly. We adopted her and my husband took her swimming every day - the pounds came off slowly but surely. With laser therapy, Adequan and a green bean and raw food diet she had 2 great years of increased mobility and gave us so much love and happiness we didn’t miss having a younger dog at all. 


Misty taught us important lessons: have a plan for the care of your pets if you die or become incapacitated even if you are young and healthy (Misty’s owner was in his 50s and single when he died); don’t feel guilty about putting your dog on a diet-it can buy them years of pain free life. And a senior dog has so much to give. Even though Misty was with us only for two and a half years, we would do it all over again. We miss her every day and are grateful that ABR opened their hearts to a Brittany in spirit if not in DNA.


On a snowy, sleety day, February 10, 2018, I drove from my home in Missouri to Independence, MO to pick up my new Brittany, Trina. Your awesome ABR volunteers braved the wicked weather to carefully, and lovingly transport this precious cargo to me.  After several texts from the drivers, and a bit of a delay due to the weather, I finally was able to meet Trina and put her in my car for our trip to her new “forever home.” While I endured a rather “white-knuckled,” slippery trip back home, Trina settled in and promptly fell asleep in the backseat. We managed to arrive home safely and began getting acquainted.  

Trina is an 8-year-old Britt with such a sweet, loving disposition. She immediately reminded me of my previous female Brittany I had about 8 years ago. I had initially wanted a younger dog, but when she became available and I was able to speak to her foster parents, I immediately fell in love with her. We had exactly one week to bond before my second Britt appeared on the scene. 

You see, the very next day after deciding to adopt Trina, NBRAN, whom I was also working with, called to say they had a one year old female available, if I was interested. After seeing pictures of this dog, named Ruby, and speaking to her foster mom, I was smitten. I caved and agreed to get her one week after I was to pick up Trina. 

It has now been over 3 months since these two adorable, sweet, and loving dogs have come into my life and I can honestly say, rather than me “rescuing” them, they “rescued” me! My husband, Steve, love of my life, died suddenly on April 18, 2017, and I was so lonesome. We had a Brittany while we were married, and I had also owned another Britt before. I always adored this breed, so was anxious to bring another dog into my life again to fill that emptiness. I really had no idea how awesome having two dogs would be. They get along very well with each other and have become such buddies. Ruby, the younger one has energized Trina and helped her stay active. Trina, on the other hand, has been a good role model for Ruby, and helped her calm down somewhat. I have seen a positive change in both dogs.  They make me laugh every single day and have managed to bring some much-needed joy into my life.

I can’t say enough wonderful things about all the dedicated, loving, caring people I met through ABR and NBRAN. It was obvious right away how much all of these awesome people care about this breed and go above and beyond to help and care for them. You are all to be applauded!

Thank you, ABR for bringing Trina into my life! I love her to pieces.


The Tremains (Tom and Debbie) adopted “Carra”, a beautiful orange and white six-year-old Brittany through ABR. They picked her up in Brunswick, Georgia on April 30, 2017, from her foster family, and she has been a part of the family ever since in Bluffton, S. Carolina.  Carra quickly settled into her new home.  She enjoys the wildlife in her backyard: birds, squirrels, moles, frogs, lizards, etc. She also looks forward to her daily walks through her new neighborhood and frequent visits to the local dog parks where she and gets along great with other dogs. Carra can out-run almost any other dog there and her parents often get asked if she is still a puppy! She loves her new parents and likes to snuggle on the couch in the evenings as well as jump in the bed in the middle of the night.

Carra also goes sailing with the family at Hilton Head Island and particularly likes to watch the dolphins coming up for air and all the different sea birds. Her new mom has been taking her to a local “Agility for Fun” class and Carra really seems to be a natural and has done well. On occasion, she goes to doggie daycare and the staff just love her.  Another customer asked, “Is she a Brittany?” and followed it up by saying they would give up all three of their dogs if they could have a Brittany like her. At home, her new parents learned quickly she needed an invisible fence in addition to the four-foot physical fence to keep her safe.  She adapted perfectly to the invisible fence and has respected the boundary ever since.

Carra has never met a stranger and always wants to love on any new visitors to the home. She has a Grandma who comes over occasionally to take care of her when her parents are going to be out.  She has never had an accident in the house but on occasion has pulled a loaf of bread off the counter when no one was home. She communicates clearly when she needs to go out and loves her doggie door that gets her out to the family lanai.  She gets regular veterinary check-ups and the doctor says she’s in great health! Carra craves love and attention and is so happy to be in her new home.






Happy “Gotcha” Day to our girl, Luna (formerly LuLu from Iowa).  Luna, now, lives in a suburb of St. Louis with us.  We adore her, and she has brightened our lives ever since we adopted her 1 year ago today. 

 She is growing up with two newly turned teenage boys who just love having her around.  Luna loves her long, daily walks and a great belly rub.  She joined us on a trip to the Gulf last summer, and we discovered she loves to swim.  She is a joy to have around.  We ❤️ our Luna-bear! 


Thank you ABR for making this happen.


Teddy (formerly known as Remington) is scared of new people and places, so it’s taken me a while to get a photo to send where he looks as happy as he is. I adopted him November 5, and he quickly told me all he wanted for Christmas was a chin rest.

He’s gotten that and more; he’s probably the sweetest dog I’ve ever had the privilege to live with. In our short time together he’s learned quickly not to mark, not to chew on my remotes or glasses, and positively to sit, shake, come, and stay.

We have a lovely long life of adventures to which to look forward, and I thank ABR for bringing us together!

Elinor Warner






This is Fozzie. He is one of the special Brittany pups that came from Nebraska. My parents, ABR volunteers, knew this was the dog of my heart and drove from Michigan to Nebraska and back to bring him home to me. Did I mention it was February in the Midwest? That wasn’t an easy journey. They were fairly experienced with wicked winter Brittany Rescue treks, as they braved a storm on New Year’s day a few years before to go to Wisconsin and back in a day to bring Suki home.



This Saturday our beloved Brittany Sarah whom we adopted from ABR in 2002 decided it was her time and after 17 years on this earth.  She hung on a whole year longer than I thought she would and was a true fighter till the end and was out roaming the yard till her last day on earth.  On Saturday October 28 she took her last lap around the yard came inside and decided to say goodbye.  I held her in my chair for about an hour and she decided to calmly just go to sleep. 

She was truly a blessing and made coming home always exciting knowing she was waiting to get outside and smell all the world had to offer her.  This picture was when she was 14 and still able to get up on our picnic table to get a birds eye view of all the creatures that roamed into the yard. 

When the time is right I will be on the lookout for another ABR rescue to live with our other Brittany who misses her terribly and out other 2 dogs.  Thank ABR for allowing me to share 16 wonderful years with this great girl.<o:p />

Lady Rose

Hello American Brittany Rescue

My name is Lady Rose, I am a 12 year old French Brittany and I would like to share my story. My former owner was no longer able to take care of me due to health reasons. It was at this time I came to the American Brittany Rescue folks and this is where my final journey started. 

I went to my new foster home and they took great care of me, not an easy task as I am blind and deaf-a challenge for some folks, but not them, they provided a wonderful home for me. The day came when some folks in Minnesota heard about me and decided to make application.

They had a Brittany named Hope that passed away in 2009 at the age of 14. With the help of my foster parents, I was transported to Ames, IA where I was met by a woman who delivered me to my new home on March 25, 2017. It only took me two days to be able to navigate my way around both inside and out. 

My new dad took moms pillows off the couch to protect me from the coffee table corners, and that is where they remain bungee corded to this day, mom doesn't mind.

We go for a mile walk every night when they get home, cause mom says I put on too much weight after my spay, I love to eat! We track our walks through an app on moms phone-Walk for a Dog. They donate to the humane society my mom works at for the times we walk. I have lots of foster kitties she brings home, but I just ignore them. 

My dad has two rescue exotic birds named Keyta and Tinker, they have their own room right next to mine and they're my buddies-kind of ironic given I'm a bird dog! My mom and dad also do babysitting for other peoples dogs, so I have lot's of friends that come visit. I've had several spa days with the groomer that I am starting to enjoy very much, she's even painted my nails. I live right by a zoo in town, and I have met two Zebras that love to run with. I may not see them but I sure do smell them, and they come running when they see me. 

My most fun thing to do is to go swimming in the Mississippi River, it makes my joints feel good, and mom says it helps with my weight. I know my mom and dad love me very much because they don't go anywhere very often without me, and boy do I love a car ride-I use to get a Pup Cup now and then but mom put a stop to that after I put on a bit of weight. 

I have a harness identifying me as blind and deaf dog that makes me feel secure. So Brittany rescue thank you so much for helping me find this wonderful place and I love my mom and dad. I just wish they would lay off all the constant hugs, petting, and kissing-NOT.

Thank you American Brittany Rescue

Lady Rose 

Note from parents: Thank you and God Bless you all for everything you do for every animal that comes in to your care. Lady Rose has brought such joy to our lives, as well as that Brittany attitude we missed so much, we feel like she's been with us our whole lives. She had us wrapped around her little paw the first day!  

Penny Lane


Thank you for letting us adopt Penny Lane. But I wanted to tell you a bit about why we did. Your organization cares about the dogs. Period. The dogs come first with everyone. Very simple.


 I have had animals my entire life, dogs, cats, horses, cows, birds, goats...Love them. I'm purchased them and I've adopted or rescued. I quit using rescue and adoption organizations about 10 years ago, I got tired of egos there being more important than the health and well being of the animal. I was frustrated to say the least. I still took in animals privately but that was it. I placed some in great homes that they are still in or the animal has passed. We have kept a few ourselves. No regrets on any of them.


 We have had our second Britt for a little over 4 years. Bought her before she was whelped. Great breeder of hunting and family dogs. She is the light of our life. We travel a lot to horse shows and she goes with us. Dauntless has 20 states and 4 Canadian provinces to her travel credits already. She hunts, she plays with our cat, she cuddles in the evening with my husband in his chair and she sleeps with me every night under the covers. Perfection.


 One evening in early August Cheri Wilson posted a happy birthday photo of Penny Lane and a short story. I didn't want or need another dog but I was captivated by her smile. I messaged Cheri and she told me the story. Sigh. I asked a few questions, she responded. Medical history, medications, temperament, exercise level...Cheri answered every question. I told her I would sleep on it and get back to her the next day if my husband was interested. I didn't sleep much. When Greg got up I told him I was going to show him something but if he had any reservations AT ALL to say so and I would drop it. Told him Penny Lane's story, history, medical needs...and her photo. He turned and said "let's do this". Am I not married to the greatest guy ever? So I contacted Cheri and she told me how to start the process. Every contact along the way with ABR was awesome.  Paula, Sarah, Diane and Cheri. Everyone put Penny Lane before anything else. There was no agenda. NONE. Your organization has made me believe there is still good out there to be had with rescues. Your group has nailed it! We love Penny Lane. Hope to do a little hunting with her this fall, our vet believes she can but has told us how to monitor her exercise level. She has already gone to a horse show with us and did very well. A little anxious when we left her in the RV the first day but by the second she was well adapted. She has gone to the lake and the beach demonstrating her swimming ability that Cheri told us about. She plays with her fox and blanket every morning, just like Cheri said also. It is perfection squared. Thank you ABR for trusting us with this great senior girl, Julie Poor




It was a cold, dark Friday afternoon in February 2015, a snowstorm was promised for the next day when Herb received a phone call that an older Brittany had been turned into the municipal shelter and was not adjusting well.  I rushed over and found that Penny, a 9.5 yr old female, had been turned in by her only owner - who had decided “he wasn’t gonna do no more huntin’” and didn’t need/want his dog.  Poor girl, left alone in a concrete floored cage. I made arrangements for Penny to be “pulled” by American Brittany Rescue on Saturday when I would hold her until arrangements could be made for a proper foster home. 

But later that Friday a family decided to adopt Penny. Great!  All ABR machinery was stopped and Penny went to her new home. 

Several months later, I learned that it wasn’t working out well for Penny.  She was not happy. She had become incontinent.  I offered to take her. No dice. Weeks passed and finally the owners relented. After checking with Michelle, I took Penny home.  She was sweet, but oh, so confused and scared!  Yes, she was incontinent, so I put her into doggy diapers (not a new idea to me!) so that she could have freedom around the house.  I tightened her feeding, watering and bathrooming and things improved, but she still was not there.  Meanwhile ABR (Michelle) spared no expense (I was amazed!).  A UTI was identified and treated.  She improved.  Finally, I added a homeopathic treatment and lo and behold, within 2 weeks she was totally DRY! 

Penny, my Brit, Chevy, and I went on long walks as summer turned to fall.  Penny liked to mosey along smelling the flowers while my brit liked to be out in front checking the doggie messages--that left me hung up in the middle.  Penny loved to pick up acorns along the road, and thought that was a no-no, so she would hold them in her mouth and give me that “wha? Me? No” look.  After days of these laughable moments, I let her keep her damn acorns! 

She seemed to have a problem with strong sun, she squinted.  So I bought Doggles and, amazingly, she left them on...at least for a while.  (Picture of Penny in doggles with Chevy). 

Herb was forced into a tough decision - keep her or let her be adopted by another. She is so sweet, so easy-going, and so loving.  She bonded beautifully to me, but two dogs at my age was going to be difficult. Adoption was the best option.  After negating a few candidates, Ms. Helen L., contacted ABR. She seemed to need a dog as much as Penny needed an owner all her own.

Helen her new owner had made arrangements during the summer of 2015,  to move to a life care community in southern Pennsylvania.. That month’s community’s newsletter had photographs of the resident dogs and comments by their owners.  I had lost our last Brittany at the age of 16 in 2013 and had decided that because of my age I wasn’t going to get another dog.  But when I saw the newsletter, I told myself I could do this and immediately went on the ABR web site, that afternoon and there she was -  the third Brittany down the list. She was the right size (under 40 pounds), the right color (orange and white), the right age (9 ½) and the right sex. Her name was Penny – the same as the name of one of our former Brittanys. We were obviously meant to come together. 

The adoption process began. I had several conversations, both e-mail and phone, with Herb, her foster, and the local ABR volunteer – who inspected a totally empty apartment prior to my move in. I went to New Jersey with my daughter on October 27, 2015 to meet Penny and hopefully bring her home. We visited for a while and I took Penny with Herb and his dog Chevy for a walk in the neighborhood. Herb hated to see her go, but he relented, papers were signed and her ”worldy belongings” were packed. After a two hour drive from New Jersey, she was home with me. My daughter remembers that the first thing she did when we entered the apartment and I sat down was to jump on the couch (still her favorite place) and put her head in my lap. 

While she is still anxious around large dogs and groups of people, she has made a great deal of progress and has a number of doggie as well as people friends. Strangely, she does not voluntarily go outside without a leash. Recently she has progressed to coming out if I am on the patio, checking things out, but then goes right back inside. It was a number of months before she began to modify the game she played with Herb and we now play a  ‘keep away’ and ‘gimme’ game. When I come in from even a short absence, she grabs a bone, dances around with it – tail wagging furiously all the time –until I get her to ‘gimme’. Then I throw it along the floor and we do it again – and again – and again. After some months, she began to use a tennis ball in the same way. Now she sometimes even plays this game when I haven’t been gone. 

She was obviously a hunter.  She is also an explorer.  She is alert to everything around her and will check out anything different, even if it’s only a bunch of dry leaves.  There is often a fox around, and when she sees it nearby she points, fox sits, and they stare at each other for several minutes until said fox saunters away. She has also learned that chipmunks hide in drainpipes. 

Though she still squints some, she no longer wears her Doggles, and she is in good health, with no problems at 11 ½.  She accompanies me to the library and lies on the floor quietly while I read the paper. She is truly smart – it took only two trips before she knew she didn’t have to wait for me to open the automatic doors to the clubhouse – or that she doesn’t get one of the treats that are always on the reception desk until we leave. 

A very special dog came this way. We met late in life and now she walks with me – on the sidewalks, in the woods and through the fields. Penny, Come – let’s ‘takeawalk’.

The only person who did not do well in this adoption was Herb, who lost a wonderful dog.




Hello ABR!


Here is Copper, who my family rescued back in 2014. When he arrived to us he was shy, still needed to put on weight, and was a little scared.


But now, Copper is a healthy weight, loves people, and loves to hunt little critters that roam around our house! When we pet him and stop... you better be ready to pet him all day because he nudges and licks you until you start petting him again! He is truly a sweet heart after everything he had been through and brings a smile to all of our faces.


He has a little brother who is also Brittany named, Eddie. They play outside, sleep together, and get into some mischief around the house :)

Copper has been a true blessing in our lives and we love him more than we ever thought possible. We appreciate everything ABR does for the breed we love most because without them, we would have never met Copper.



Thank you ABR, 

The Mender Family



Just wanted to share why our dogs are so wonderful and important to us. We have Murphy (the big guy) and Marco (our new little guy from Spain!) We could name a million reasons that we love our fur babies so much, but we’ll leave it at this: is there ANYTHING in this world that can make your heart smile as much as seeing a brittany wag his butt in excitement? Well, now that we think about it, maybe a brittany curling up on your lap, or looking at you with those big, sweet, inquisitive eyes and giant smile, or possibly every moment you spend with them? Basically what we’re trying to say is that there are no words for it, they just make our life complete. 


I mean, come on, look at those faces!! :-)


- Olivia and Cole Reichenbacker



In Memory of Socks 2001-2017



We adopted Socks in  2001 from ABR. The irony of Socks' story is that I had grown up with Britts. My father was a hunter and we always had these great dogs in our lives. My partner had always had Labs.  When we decided to get a dog, we always said no matter what that it would have to be a rescue. I was always searching ABR as selfishly, I wanted a Britt. One day, there was Socks...a Brittany/Lab mix. It was kismet!  His coat was all brown except for his four feet and a patch on his chest.  A few months later we met Socks and his foster family in Rockford and took him home. We kept his given name as it was perfect for him and why change the name he knows? Each and everyday since picking him up, I feel that I was blessed with the best gift EVER. 


For us, it was love at first sight with Socks. From the beginning, he was definitely more Brittany than Lab. Man he could run like the wind and was super agile. In fact, weeks and even days before he died he would still run like all get out. He loved to swim, loved the boat, loved running, eating and begging. He was stubborn as a Brit- had his own agenda when it came to "Come", loved people, was selective with who his dog friends were, did not like going to the vet and any sort of grooming such as nail clipping, brushing and teeth cleaning were always a battle.  He was the sweetest boy and a love bug. If only I could give him one more hug and kiss on the head... 


There is the saying "I know love, because I had a dog."   We all know the truth in that. I now know the magnitude of that love because my heart is so broken without him.  For 16 years, he was my constant companion and love of my life.   As he got older, when I would leave the house to run an errand or would have to leave him for a few days to travel, he would look at me with that sad face as if asking, "where are you going? "   We had a deal, Socks and I. I would say to him " I always come back for you little man, and you have to tell me when its time."  We both kept up our end of the deal. Thankfully, his passing was unexpected and happened super fast.  I had no decisions to make, he made it for me. 


The joy of having him for 16 years far out weighs the pain, at least I keep trying to convince myself of that. I miss him terribly, but know he is somewhere running like the wind and eating all the treats he can.


Thank you to ABR for the gift of Socks. 

Zeebo and Liberty

Happy Anniversary to us! One year ago on Mother’s Day weekend, 2016, we drove from East Tennessee to Champaign, Illinois to meet ABR President Terry Mixdorf and pick up our newly adopted dogs, Zeebo and Liberty. This was only a short time after we had to euthanize our two Brittanies, Joy and Scout, only a few months apart at the age of 15 years. That was devastating. And I was really lost without them. It was as if the house was dead. There was no life, no little feet, and no eyes following my movements around the house. No one watching me cook. So when I tell people that we got two rescue Brittanies from American Brittany Rescue, I know they think we rescued the dogs, but really, the dogs rescued me.

I read stories of adoptions that sound ideal- everything goes smoothly and everyone lives happily ever after. But to tell you the truth, when we picked Zeebo and Liberty up, and drove away with them, I was shocked, and a bit apprehensive. They were pretty wild, and rightly so, in retrospect, as we were strangers whooshing them away in a strange car! I wondered briefly if we had done the right thing.

We are lucky to have an almost 2 acre fenced in yard, so at home were able to let them really stretch their legs.  We had ordered two 30 foot long check lines from a hunting supply company so that we could let them be free in the yard but still be able to get them if they did not come. That did come in handy; as they needed to have the come command reinforced a lot those first few weeks. The dogs were amazed at the big mule and the sheep that live in the barn and have access to the pasture adjacent to the yard. At first they barked at them, but soon, with a few verbal corrections, they figured out that these strange new animals were part of the family. Spring is a wonderful time for birds at our country house- especially the Purple Martins and Barn Swallows. They swoop and circle low in the yard in search of insects. This was another thing that amazed Zeebo and Liberty, and they ran in circles, following the pattern of the swallow's flight.

I took a week off from work dedicated to getting to know our new best friends. We tend to follow a strict routine, which worked well to settle them in and help them to feel more comfortable. They quickly began to predict when we would get up, go to bed, feed the livestock, and our selves. We fed them at the same time and place every day and used the same wording for communicating to them, and soon they were listening and following our commands. Terry told us that they liked human beds, to cuddle, and would "climb inside your skin if they could" and that is the truth. I have never had such loving and cuddly dogs. They are obedient, attentive, active, fun, funny and good natured, and I can’t imagine life without them. Thanks to Rebecca Rockwell Wallace the ABR coordinator for Tennessee and Terry Mixdorf for connecting us with these two!






When we first took Angel in as a foster dog she had pretty bad separation anxiety and was stressed whenever we left the house/crated her, resulting in a few successful escapes and chewing of door frames! After a couple of months we were able to adopt her.




She has fit right into our family and loves her new brittany brother Echo. Her favorite hobbies are playing fetch, playing keep away, barking at rabbits and deer, talking back, wrestling with Echo, and snuggling. My husband and I love her so much and are very thankful she has relaxed and is comfortable in her new forever home. 


With love,

Logan, Mallory, Echo, and Angel




We adopted Luna (formerly known as Lulu) through ABR on Saturday. She's from Iowa and traveled South to join our family in the St. Louis area. She's such a sweet girl, and we are so in love with her!!


She has already found her favorite places to snooze in the house and loves squeaker toys. She is a very loving girl.


Thank you, ABR!!!!! Adopted by the Stoll Family 


Marley was a stray dog picked up by animal control in Dickinson, ND. There was absolutely no information provided about Marley, except that she was an intact stray female dog. My husband, Tyler, made sure we would only have Marley for a couple weeks until her "forever home" was found. I named her Marley (a dog name I have always love) and my mom knew I hoped for a different outcome. 

The pound holds dogs for 10 days, then releases them for adoption. I had planned to pick her up for ABR from the pound on the afternoon of her 11th dog. The volunteer called me back and did not want Marley at the pound a second longer. I picked her up as early as possible on Wednesday morning. Marley and I went home to join our other Brittany-Ruger and Finn-another Brittany we were dog sitting. I always bathe dogs immediately when they get to my house. I scrubbed Marley clean of the "pound" smell and then I will never forgot what happened next. Marley crawling onto my lap after her bath (with me still sitting on the edge of the tub), and I rocked/cuddled her for at least 10 minutes. She wanted to be held and loved the human contact. For the rest of the week (I happened to be off of work due to Christmas break), we snuggled and she slowly warmed up to the other dogs in the home. She was never scared or aggressive, just cautious. Marley had one accident in the house, but figured out where to potty right away. 

After a few weeks, we fell more and more in love. Marley gets along so well with Ruger. They compliment each other perfectly, love to play, and go everywhere together. Marley was fixed a few weeks after coming into foster care. She was sore and whining on the couch from the anesthesia the evening of her surgery. Tyler held her and comforted her while I ate supper. He did not want her to be alone. At that moment, he realized she was right where she belongs. 

We had a few health concerns about Marley, but she is perfectly health! She was drinking water non-stop and trying to eat her food, Ruger's food, our food, all food. We had her tested for diabetes due to the high water consumption. Everything came back in normal range! She still drinks quite a bit, but her excessive over-drinking has gone away. She still likes to eat (don't we all?), but she has stopped pushing Ruger out of the way to get to his food. I don't know if she needed to learn it would always be there? Either way, she is doing great! She was also nervous about leaving our side during walks. Ruger would run around in the field, but Marley wanted to be held constantly. She has finally overcome that and now runs alongside Ruger to chase birds. 

Marley loves when people hold her paw and will take any human attention she can get. She is also learning about the "good life" (we think she was an outdoor dog) of sleeping in the middle of Tyler and I on our king sized bed. On weekend mornings, she likes to wake us up, roll over, and receive belly rubs for as long as possible. Marley and Ruger are an inseparable pair! We also find that caring for two Brittanys is easier than caring for one. They still require several belly rubs and treats from their humans, but they also enjoy wrestling and spending time together. It was a great decision to adopt through American Brittany Rescue! 


Lauren Roemmich 

American Brittany Rescue Volunteer

Harrison and Sophie

Never in our wildest dreams did we ever imagine that we would leave the Charlottesville farm. Our journey with ABR started last holiday season and ended in the DC metro area. Not quite the Brittany Hillbillies but close. The transition to urban living in an Arlington townhouse was challenging at first. To actually live in a house and follow family rules was strange to us. Instead of chasing chickens, we were on leashes chasing squirrels and an occasional rabbit. We were introduced to foods like salmon, ice cream and peanut butter. The cuisine of Northern Virginia suits us just fine.


Our new family makes a big fuss over us and shows us a great deal of love. They call Sophie “diva” and “the bossy one”. The only nickname I’ve gotten is “Harry”. That’s what I hear when I jump on my parents’ bed. We love going out for squirrel chasing, getting our bellies rubbed and eating treats.

Though we have calmed down a little bit from our days on the farm, Mom learned from a neighbor lady who owns a spaniel that there are training classes in our area. It is not the same school our older teenage sister attends but one that teaches us how to follow instructions better by giving us treats. Don’t know how that works but sounds good to us.

Our family said we will celebrate our adoption with Frosty Paws and peanut butter smeared Milk-Bones. We are ready!

Mary and Mac


Hi everyone.  

This is Annie in So. California.  I moved here on March 12th, 2016, from Salt Lake City, UT. So, my Mom, Dad and I just celebrated our first anniversary as a family.

I’m sorry that I didn’t wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, but I was so busy helping my Mom get ready for my first Christmas with my Forever Family.  My brothers and their families from PA and TX came.  Boy, there are a lot of them, including two youngsters, and not wanting to miss out on anything, I was really tired at the end of the day.

Again, I thank everyone who helped me get adopted, especially Diana Dorian (the CA Coordinator for ABR), who vouched for my Mom and Dad to my Foster Dad, Mike Barlow (the UT ABR Coordinator), that I’d have a good home here.
I’m also grateful to the Pilots and Paws organization, where my Dad found two generous pilots, John Cadia and Reyna Meenk, who transported me from Salt Lake City to So. CA

I hope all of the other Rescue Brits, who find their Forever Home families in 2017, have as good a home as I have and are as happy.
My Mom and Dad want to add something.


Chuck and I can attest to the fact that Annie is well settled in, happy and loved to the moon and back.  She craves attention, petting and love, probably more so than any of our previous three Brits, who have crossed the Rainbow Bridge.  And, we’re only too willing to provide it.
Thanks again to everyone.  She’ll always be loved and cared for.
If you’re thinking that you want to adopt a dog, there’s no more loving breed than a Brit and no other Brit rescue organization willing to help you as much as American Brittany Rescue (ABR).  

Posey and Chuck Leech



Bello's Story


After being rescued by ABR from a hunting camp in Texas in 2011, fostered by a loving family, Elizabeth and Tommy near Austin and adopted on March 9, 2012, I continue to live happily in Arizona.  I enjoy 3-4 walks around our neighborhood with my humans, Jim & Theresa each day.  


I continue to make new friends while on our walks.  I am staying trim but sometimes I do get treats from our neighbors and I remember where those special friends live.  I enjoy my backyard, laying in the sun and hunting any little critters that hang out in the yard.  I am so happy that ABR came into my life.





We adopted Marley from ABR in April, 2007.  He is now 10 years old.  He has brought so much joy into our lives.  He is our third Brittany and we could not imagine our lives without a Brittany in it.



Nancy Blais


Jack was adopted in March of 2016.

He was overweight and had very high anxiety from living on a chain in his previous backyard.

Jack has managed to conquer both of his issues since being adopted. He has lost weight and his anxiety has decreased tremendously. Jack enjoys spending time with his sister Hazel and dad Matthias. Jack LOVES playing in the snow and is starting to enjoy hunting trips. <o:p />




11.5 years ago I was saddened to have to have my first Brittany put down due to health issues.  Friends encouraged me to find a new girl to take her place-even searching the ABR website for available dogs in our area.  Through some searching, I was connected with a woman in Albequerque who had a female Brittany of about 2 years that was looking for a forever home.


Kae-la became a part of the family in July 2005.  She was an energetic and loving girl--she loved her snuggle time with anyone who would provide snuggles!  She also loved "the hunt!"  It was not uncommon to find a starling, squirrel, raccoon, or woodchuck presented as a token of appreciation.  I'm still convinced the squirrels in my neighborhood have her face on a wanted poster!  Sadly, at 13.5 years and after 11.5 years of providing love and smiles to our home, she has walked across the Rainbow Bridge.  I so appreciate the love that ABR brought to our lives!

Thank you for all you do for such an amazing breed.

Ken Schofield  


Max (formerly Shiloh) is learning all about being an indoor dog. His dog sister Roxy has been showing him the ropes and they love to play. He loves his long walks...and jogs if Dad is up to it.

Dad has taken him to the country to look for birds and run around in the tall grass.

He is great at the dog park and meeting new people. Now, we just need to convince him that the people food on the counter is not for him

Max is a great goofy addition to our family and he makes us laugh every day.

We are so thankful to American Brittany Rescue and his foster family for giving him a safe place to land and for getting him healthy and strong!

-  the Imbergamos





My husband, Jeff, and I adopted Sammy, a Brittany mix, one month ago. We can not thank ABR enough for bringing such a joyous addition to our family.


This sweet pup LOVES her big brother, Doc (our 11 year old Brittany). She has brought about a new energy in Doc. He is a playful pup once more!


They enjoy hiking together in the woods, playing/wrestling in our yard, and chewing on bones.

We feel we are blessed with two perfect fur babies! Thank you ABR!




We adopted Annie as a puppie almost 13 years ago.


We just lost her just over a week ago. She was a great addition to our family and are forever grateful to ABR for bringing her into our lives.  RIP sweet girl. 



We just lost our Benji Boy he was adopted from ABR in August 2009.


Benji was a wonderful sweet boy. Such a good dog with an abundance of enthusiasm.


Always happy and always enthusiastic. So friendly.


He made our time with him so enjoyable. He was loved by all - especially small children. He had such a happy face.


We will miss him greatly.  Thank you for the opportunity to have him as a member of our family, Kenneth and Susan Niles


It is hard to believe that it has been almost five years since Ryder came into our lives. He was very young when we rescued him. His first owner neglected him so he had little interaction with humans. It is a tribute to ABR who gave Ryder a second chance. They work so hard on behalf of the breed to educate prospective owners. While we were very familiar with the breed, they took the time to help us understand Ryder's unique personality. Something you will never get with a puppy store "breeder".

To say that Brittanys are smart and loving is an understatement. Ryder added so much to our life. He has endless energy, learns quickly and show us unlimited love. When we recently moved to a smaller house we were concerned because Ryder had a smaller yard to play in. We were not sure how he would adapt. Quite to the contrary he made new friends with our neighbors who walk their dogs by our house everyday to play with Ryder. Everyone knows him by name and love stopping by to see him. He continues to make us laugh at how he wins over the people he meets.

There are so many deserving Brittanys on this website that would make an awesome addition to your family. We are so happy we took that step to talk with ABR about adopting. It was a win win for Ryder and our family and it will be for yours.




We recently lost our sweet Isabelle who came to us in Green Bay as Ginger from Kansas City, MO in October of 2002.  It was love at first sight!  She was the sweetest girl and we had almost 14 years together.

 She had a big yard at home and an even bigger woods to explore at our cabin in northern Wisconsin. She had many other Brittany cousins to play with through the years.  I think it was a win-win for us all!  Thank you so much ABR for such a wonderful match!  Jean Schierl







Abigail "Von Beautiful" VerBeke

My husband, Jeff grew up in a rural area, with a hunting family! Spaniels galore! So when we decided to get a Brit...we decided to "adopt," hence ABR! 

After 6 months of trying to get a younger dog (most were on the east coast) we got a pic of an older Brit but I did not "see it!" That moment when your heart goes out and you "yes!, that's mine. Then 30 minutes later, we got a picture of Abby, with a message "you might be interested in this rescue!" 

We'll her pic popped up at 6:30pm and by 10:30pm On April 3rd it was confirmed...B'gail had a new home! Reserved an SUV, and begain plotting our journey to IL/IN border pic up! (We were a foster - adopt situation!) We still send pictures to her "first mamma" and kids! Due to job losses and financial issues, they couldn't keep Ab's! (And yes, Abby sends mommy Amy "pup-pic's" for her b'day, Ab's b'day, Ab's "gotcha day, etc....

Sooo...hot-rod Miss A...well, her day is filled with so much activity! (I was told by ABR, that because my yard is not fully fenced we can adopt!) We actually are stomping in the woods, ravines, ponds, the Mississippi, river! We hit creeks, and lakes! Lucky Ab's...well her grandpa lives next to a private boating resort, so ya pup get's all 4 seasons!

Fast forward....this pup is living "la vida loca!" 


We have had JJ for about 3 months and things just keep getting better and better. The other day, we were walking around the local middle school and our walk happened to coincide with school getting out. We met lots of kids trudging along home, with their heavy backpacks.

JJ loves people and wants to greet everyone. Our other Britt, Gage, (also adopted from ABR), is happy to be petted but is not so forward. JJ wiggled with delight as we approached kids. I explained he loves people and asked if he could come get petted. The kids all said yes, and I let JJ go up to them. JJ doesn't jump up on people, but literally bounces up to them, wagging his body (he doesn't have a tail), smiling and "talking" (he does this grumble sound), clearly being so glad to see them. The kids invariably broke into big smiles and petted him, and then Gage went up to get in on the attention. We said, "Thank you" for the petting and went on, repeating the process with the next kid...

Brittanies spreading happiness


In Memory of Patch, 2004-2016

First and foremost, my wife and I want to thank ABR for placing Patch in our family 4 years ago. 

Patch crossed over the Rainbow Bridge yesterday in a peaceful way with his human family present. Patch was a special family member who was a devoted and loving companion. His health deteriorated quite rapidly due to a nerve defect that impacted his sight and mobility; but he never stopped being the Patch we knew and loved. This special Brit will be greatly missed.

Patch - August 2015

I wanted to bring you an update about Patch who we adopted a little more than 3 years ago, just before he turned 8 years old from ABR and Wayne Topa. Wayne is a breeder in update NY who was shutting down his kennel for personal reasons. His Brits were entrusted to ABR knowing his pups would receive a good home. My wife and 15 year-old daughter made the 3 hour drive to come home with a new family member chosen from Wayne's pack. Well, the adoption was accomplished rather quickly as one of the Brits came over to my wife, sat down in front of her and followed her wherever she went during the visit. It seems the Patch had chosen his new family, we had little to say in his in Patch's decision, he knew who his new family would be. The attached picture with the blanket is Patch on the trip home.

As you would expect, Patch had a few skills that proved very interesting. It is perfectly normal, at least for the Brits I have owned to procure food left in a vulnerable location. However, we learned that Patch could actually reach down into the kitchen sink to abscond with food that was to be our dinner. Of course, he was assisted by his sister, Java, in dispatching the chicken, bones and all. (Note: a discussion and a vet visit proved uneventful.) But, without a doubt, Patch's most surprising feat was one of daring and cunning. A couple of years back, it was a few days after Halloween. I came down to the kitchen to have breakfast and what do I find? Mr. Patch is standing in the middle of the kitchen table "exploring" the remains of the Halloween goodies. Most interesting was Patch's reaction. He looked at me, jumped down from the table and went about his business  as if nothing had happened — not a word was spoken. Please understand that Patch receives nothing but the best care possible. It is just that every now and then he simply surprises us with his creativity.

Well, Patch turned 11 years-old and is beginning to slow down a bit. I must tell you that Patch is the biggest Brittany my wife, me and our vet have ever seen. He stands at about 22 inches and weighs in at— 62 pounds.Mind you that is a solid 62 pounds. Arthritis is present, moderately, and I think his selective hearing is beginning to weaken a bit. However, some things never change — he is the most loving and devoted dog you could ever hope to have, he looks forward to his 2 1/2 mile walks with "mom" each day that includes a swim in the local creek, and he is still attached to Joyce with some kind of invisible velcro about 24 hours a day. We have had 3 Brits, the first two living to the ripe old ages of 16 and 14 plus a Great Dane who made it to 12 years old. So, we expect to enjoy Patch for a few more years. He is a wonderful member of the family.

Many thanks to ABR for the wonderful work you dedicate to these great dogs.

Best Regards, Joyce, Brie and Ken Ludwig


14 years ago we adopted a wild and crazy Brittany named Brisco from American Brittany Rescue.  Like an attention deficit, gifted athlete, this brilliantly funny dog made our lives complete -- he made us laugh, made us run, made us crazy, but he gave us 14 of the happiest years we've known.  

Sadly, last week Brisco went to the Rainbow Bridge -- and we are heartbroken.  Heartbroken, but filled with love at having had him a part of our lives for so long.  We've had several breeds, but the Brittany will forever be our favorite.  

Thank you American Brittany Rescue for giving us the love of our lives -- thank you for our Brisco.    ~  LaRay and Victor Biziewski


We adopted a skinny little orange and white Brittany in June 2002 named Sarah out of VA.  She was a little over a year old when we got her and smart as a whip.  She was given up because she was gun shy but she sure never lost her hunting instinct.  No rabbit, squirrel, bird, snake, or any other creature that moved went unnoticed by her.  She also proved to be quite the escape artist leaving our yard on every occasion she could find despite the fence and invisible fence we had to put her nose to the ground and see what the big world had to offer.  

We moved in 2005 to a place that had much more acreage and a lot of woods that allowed her to roam as she wanted and the invisible fence contained her for the most part but I mentioned she was smart so she knew when the batteries weren’t working on that collar and took advantage of it.  She sent me looking for her more than a few times and when she was able to avoid us finding her she always came back home to sleep in her bed.   

Well she is 15 years old now and still with us and although she has slowed way down in the past few years and I’m afraid is not too far off from leaving us but she has been the best dog I could have hoped for.  She has had 4 other brothers and sisters living with her this whole time and has seen some pass on and seen new little ones come in and never once was she anything other than a perfect dog letting the puppies climb and bite her ears and never once even growled.  All she wants is a good belly rub and a chance to go out and see what is still outside.

Adopting her was the best thing we could have ever done.  Even at her at age where she struggles to get up all she wants to do is come get a good belly rub every day when we return from work.  The day she decides to go will be extremely sad but she has given us 14 amazing years and will always be loved.  Thanks ABR for allowing us to have this beautiful girl and all the pleasure she has given us over the years.


Hi Everyone,

This is Annie from Salt Lake City.  I'm in Southern CA now.  My Mom and Dad saw me on the American Brittany Rescue website and thought that they really wanted me to come live with them.  My Dad contacted my Foster Dad, Mike Barlow, the ABR UT Coordinator, and they talked.  Mike likes to meet the Forever Parents before he allows his Brits to leave his care, but because Diana Dorion, the ABR So. CA Coordinator, vouched for my Mom and Dad after she visited them, Mike allowed me to come to So. CA.  Dad and John Cadia and Reyna Meenk (two pilots from Pilots and Paws), worked really long and hard to transport me to So. CA.  John flew me, with Mike riding along, from SLC to Boulder, NV.  Reyna was to fly me to Riverside, CA,  However, the winds at altitude were so strong that she said that she'd drive me to Riverside.  Mom and Dad said that they'd drive half way to meet Reyna and me in Barstow, CA.  We met there and Mom took me for a walk and I had some treats and then we drove home to Huntington Beach, CA.  I found a nice yard and a bed that I loved when I arrived at my Forever Home and best of all, lots and lots of love from all the family.  Mom's and Dad's daughter and son-in-law live nearby and have a two year old Lab mix and a six year old Australian Cattle dog that I have a great time playing with.  We run around the yard like puppies.  I've even spent the night there.  I've met my vet, Dr. Alison Naito.  She's been my parents' vet for 30 years and all of the staff and Dr. Naito just love me.  If I ever have to stay there, it's just like a second home.  I want to thank everyone who helped me get to my Forever Home.  I'm really really happy and have lots and lots of attention and love.

Love, Annie

Chuck and I want to add a little to Annie's letter.  She's a lover and fits into our home perfectly.  We especially want to thank Mike, Diana, Reyna and John for making it possible for us to have Annie join our family.  Rest assured that she'll be loved and cherished the rest of her life.  Thank you all very much.

Posey and Chuck Leech

Talli and Lexi

I feel like Talli and Lexi rescued me more than I rescued them.  I actually saw their pictures on ABR's website before my first brittany, Lucy, unexpectedly passed away.  My husband and I quickly agreed that three dogs would be too many for us to handle.  I had no idea Lucy, at only 7 years old, would be leaving us so soon.  Just a couple short weeks later, Lucy collapsed in the yard, and even though I tried CPR to revive her, she was gone.  I have never been so heart broken in my life, but as I grieved my best friend, I remembered those sisters that were in need of a home. I wouldn't have been ready to search for a new fur friend yet, so I strongly suspected it was meant to be that I already knew of these girls.

Lexi is the ultimate snuggle bug and a complete spaz.  If there is a lap, she is in it, and she vibrates with excitement when sitting and waiting for a treat!  Talli is sweet as can be and keeps watch over our family and property and her little sister.  In no time, she wore a path all along the fence in our backyard, so we call her border patrol!  These two have brought so much love and joy into our family when we needed it most.  Thank you ABR for all that you do, and you rescue more than just the doggies!     

- Sara Mercer
  Greenville, SC


We adopted 10 year old Ladybug, a tricolored French Brittany, from a foster home in Davis, California last month.  She is adorable and very active for her age.  We have lost 3 senior dogs in the past year and we and our 5 year old lab, Piper, were sad in our grief and loneliness for our friends who went to the Rainbow Bridge.  We decided to adopt a senior Brittany and a senior Golden.  We got Ladybug a month ago and 12 year old Goldendoodle, Chelsea, 3 weeks ago.  Piper was always a wanna be Alpha, so this might be her chance.  But first Ladybug put her in her place.  Then Chelsea put her in her place.  Then Ladybug fought it out with Chelsea (A lot of growling, snarling and teeth, but no blood, thank God).  In the end, the 3 girls worked it out:  32# Ladybug is the Alpha; Chelsea is next in line, and Piper is bottom dog again. 

We also have 5 cats (3 of them are seniors).  Ladybug is not a cat chaser, but she moves around the house and yard so fast that the cats thought they were being chased.  We used baby gates to help the cats have a safe dog free area in the house. We also put a tall cat tree and high boardwalk and platform under the cabana for the cats to have an escape route and safe observation area in the back yard.  Chelsea came to us with a cat chasing problem.  My senior cats have been through this before and stood their ground. In a record day and half Chelsea learned the lesson.  My six year old kitty, Agate, still doesn't trust Chelsea and stays on the safe side of the gates 90% of the time, but she is getting braver.

We are retired and have time to give these senior girls the extra time and attention they want and need.  My husband, Rod, spends most of his days in our large fenced yard taking care of the landscaping, garden and Koi ponds.  He has the 3 girls as his entourage.
We adopted a ten year old Brittany, Molly, from the rescue in the past.  She was a sweet girl who lived to be 14 years old and is with 20+ dogs waiting for us at the Rainbow Bridge.
Thank you for rescuing Brittanys  so we could adopt them.

Janet and Rod Camprini
Sacramento, California.


Hello Friends!


The last time my mom updated my story, it was a sad one. I lost both of my sisters a week apart. My mom and dad worked really hard and found me the perfect new sister! Meet Bergita! My parents adopted her through ABR. She is a Brittany/Lab mix. My mom jokingly calls her a Brittador.

It took me a few weeks to start liking her. Now I love my pesky little sister. She is 15 weeks old now and we love to wrestle...all the time! My mom says we are crazy! I am teaching Bergita the ways of the Brittany; we patrol the yard and keep it rabbit and squirrel free! Someday I will teach her to point to birds, just for fun though. I am gun shy..hopefully Bergita is not!

Thank you to the volunteers at ABR who took in my sister, her 6 siblings and her momma. Without them I would not have my new best friend. Don't worry, my mom will always be my favorite! Love, Sadie and Bergita from Minnesota



We were introduced to the possibility of adopting Boo (now an 8 yr old female) in Nov. 2013 by the match making skills of Nancy Hensley of ABR.  Boo had a delightful childhood but her family could no longer give her the attention she needed and Nancy arranged with the family to surrender Boo for adoption.  We drove across Washington in a snowstorm to meet the family who generously gave us all of Boo’s stock of gear and food and gave up the dog they loved. 

Our plan was to double up on the attention we could provide Boo by having both my Mother and I adopt her.  Mother and I are next door neighbors, each with a fenced in yard. Mother is home during the day while I work so  Boo is rarely alone.  Mother feeds Boo, cares for her every need and Boo lives and sleeps with her.  I am in charge of exercise, vet visits and grooming.  

Boo gets to go to the local dog park (which is well stocked with local ducks and geese), hike on trails through the woods, explore the beaches, walk the extensive paved trails we have in our area of the Olympic Peninsula of Washington.   She is a dog with a loving heart, a need to be loved, a little anxious about being alone, but that has diminished over the last two years as she has learned that we will be back soon.  We also have some wonderful friends who come with their dogs and stay with Boo if we have to be gone for longer than an hour or two.  Because she is confident and not aggressive, she is able to meet other dogs on the trails and in the parks with great success.  She is funny and smart.  Even though we have had a Brittany before, Boo surprises us every day with the depth of joy she brings to us and the many friends she has made.  Thank you so much to all of the ABR members who made this possible.


I adopted Cooper in late June of 2010 after graduating college. He was known as Willie at the time. I cannot believe it has been 5 and 1/2 years together! What an adventure we have had so far. Cooper has been quite mischievous and the last year was a rough one. He has always been a garbage hound and broke into the trash bin at the farm and made himself quite sick.

This fall, I found a lump on his leg and my vet found out it was a mast cell tumor. It was removed on October 14. The pathologist said it was cancerous, but it was not dividing. This was great news! Cooper has now fully recover and lives the life of a king.

We adopted a cat in spring of 2014, and he is Cooper's best friend. He even sleeps in his kennel with him! We live next to the Mississippi River now and Cooper thinks this is the greatest thing EVER! Not only does he get to swim, but he gets to be disgusting and roll in the sand! I'm so glad my boy beat his cancer. Cooper is my best friend and snuggle buddy. Thank you for bringing us together!

Dollar formerly Ruth

Thought I’d drop you a line to say hello and share a success story with you. It’s been two years since I adopted Ruth. Re: Ruth PA 4263. I’ve included a couple of photos of her and my other Brittany named “Brandy” hunting grouse and pheasant up in the “Pocono Mountains” of Monroe County.

I thought you would be pleased to see what Brittany’s do what they like to do best. They love getting out in the fields.  She responds very well to my whistle commands. If you recall, Ruth possessed a PA lifetime license. Since I’m a PA resident, it was allowed to transfer her lifetime license to my name. The cost was only one dollar. So I thought it was only appropriate for me to change her name to “Dollar”

Thanks you ABR! Donald Barna

Callie and Misty

Our two Brittany’s:  Callie is on the left, Misty on the right.  Misty was  our 8 year old ABR Rescue from Michigan.   When we got her in Aug 2009 we brought her home to our 10 year old Brittany we had since she was a puppy.  They got along great, and the first time my husband went to throw a ball with her, Misty saw that hand go up she dove to the ground, afraid he was going to hit her.   We never did that again…poor thing. 

She had never learned to play with toys and when she would pick up one, she’d put it down like she didn’t know what to do with it.  She was beyond affectionate, as she would drape herself over your lap for attention.  In July 2014 she got sick with an auto immune problem, and an x-ray showed she had been shot 3 times with metal bb’s.  We can only imagine just how hard her life was before rescue. 

She got sick again with her immune problem and passed away in our home on Dec 19<sup>th</sup> 2013.  Our other Brit Callie, 14 at the time, went right downhill and passed away 3 weeks later.  We were heartbroken to lose both our pets. 


That following August 2015 we rescued Sammie from Ohio.  She was from a family with life changes and they were heartbroken to give her up, but they couldn’t keep her.  She was a very loved dog and fit right into our home.   Since we’ve been Brittany owners since 1999 we just couldn’t go any longer without one. 


Thank you to ABR for giving us two very loving wonderful rescue girls.   We donate every year, but this one I wanted to put in both Misty and Callie’s memories.


Thanks for all you do for these wonderful dogs  

Mary LaClair  


Hello friends!

It has been quite a year for me. Earlier this year I lost both of my furry sisters. My Mom and Dad had to make the difficult choice to help them to the Rainbow Bridge. I was devastated to say the least. My parents have been helping me with my grief by bringing a lot of my furry friends over to play with me, but they know I need a brother or sister of my own to keep me company. They have been watching the ABR website and are going to find the perfect companion for me! 

In the mean time, I am enjoying the beach, the fall leaves and being with my family. I have been with my furever family for 5 years now and family loves me more than anything in the world! I continue to keep my backyard free of rabbits and squirrels and often bring them to my Mom as an offering of love! I know she loves it because she squeals and jumps up and down. That definitely means she loves my presents! I hope you all have a wonderful holiday season and I look forward to updating you when my new fur brother or sister arrives! Love, Sadie from Minnesota 


It's with a broken heart and many, many shed tears that we write to tell you we lost Abbie on October 9th, 2015.

She started having symptoms in August and her Vet told us she suspected a brain tumor. Unable to believe that in spite of scans, tests etc., we explored the possibilities of a stroke and even West Nile Virus. In spite of several medications, she became progressively worse and on October 8th, after I had a conference with our Vet, she told me it was time for Abbie's sake to let her go. We did so on October 9th.

She was our third Brit and we admit she touched our hearts more than the others. She overcame so much fear from her previous life and she gave so much. The love poured out of her when she looked at you. Letting her go was one of the hardest things that we ever had to do but we couldn't let her continue to go on the way that she was.


We will, in the future, we're sure, have another Brit but there will never be another Abbie.

Rosemary and Chuck Leech


Victor became part of our family in March 2006, adopting him from a local shelter. He was a year old and, except for housebreaking, had no manners whatsoever. Since then we have achieved the following titles: AKC Master Agility Champion [MACH], Master Agility FAST [MXF], Companion Dog [CD], Beginner Novice [BN], Rally Excellent [RE], Canine Good Citizen Advanced [CGCA], an Expert Level Trick Dog title from 'Do More With Your Dog' [ETD] and in October 2015 began his Barn Hunt career. Victor went into the Barn Hunt ring three times earning three first placements, with two High Scoring Team awards and the Barn Hunt Novice title [RATN]! [picture attached]. Not bad for a 10-year old!

In addition, Victor has performed trick dog demonstrations at a dog show and a humane society open house. For several years he was a therapy dog also.

Victor came to us with a number of health issues and a bad case of fear of loud noises. Fortunately, with patience and positive training techniques he has become quite the ambassador for the Brittany breed! He is our boy and we have been blessed to have him in our lives.

Sharon & Larry Miller


We presented ABR with the challenge of finding the perfect companion for our 3 year old Mini Australian Shepherd, Turbo. The criteria we set was specific. Team ABR, specifically Sarah Parks and her amazing co-volunteers, took our requirements to heart and located the perfect little girl, 6 year old Sophie, in Utah.

When Sophie arrived it was love at first sight for all of us. These two are inseparable...we're talking little, canine soul mates here. Sophie has been with us for a few months now and we can hardly remember our home without her. She is such an adaptable girl, loving and eager to please. Sophie has provided Turbo with a perfectly suited playmate, walking buddy and companion.

Thank you ABR for the work that you all do to support and serve this amazing breed. We all love our sweet girl and are so grateful to have her here.

Lynda and Dennis Fabrizio


First time tent-camping with our three-year-old Brittany, adopted through the Magnolia Rescue.  The park required that dogs remain on a leash at all times (which is fine as we have yet to master the command "Come").  Sylvie had her first experience hiking in the dunes and swimming in the clear and warm water of Lake Michigan!  The leash allowed her to swim out to me, then back to shore at will where she pointed huge yellow butterflies for minutes on end (to the amazement of folks at the beach!) 

As it was a warm weekend, she proceeded to dig a little nest for herself to lay in the cool sand under our picnic table at the campsite, and appreciated her cozy crate in our tent overnight. Being "leashed" to her for 48 hours deepened our bond with Sylvie, and gave us time to see patterns and preferences that would otherwise not have been noticed. 

Thank you Terry Mixdorf, and Lori Weaver, for your loving work with Sylvie, and all Brittanys and other four-legged creatures!

Lisa and David Sexton

Lucky Luke

Luke and I got together Christmas Eve almost two years ago. He came home New Years Eve, so he's always been my Happy New Dog. Happy is the key word. Now, Luke came to me through the Modesto pound where his aptitude for escape earned him his name, Cool Hand Luke. Now that he and I are together I make that more to be Lucky Luke*. We were headliners briefly on the success story page.

But on to summer in the Sierras. We have a new tradition and destination, Yosemite, more particularly the Dimond O campground just outside the park on the Hetch Hetchy side. It has been dry here the last couple years and the Middle Fork of the Tuolumne has been pretty low. Well, now that Luke has memorized all the good trails around and near the campground he has a perfect answer to a four hour drive from the Bay Area. He leads me directly to the creek for a refreshing swim. Last year he was such an avid fisherman he got hypothermia. This year his efforts were crowned with success. Now I suspect the trout he caught was pretty slow, not to say dead, but... Anyway he was so proud of himself. He pranced ashore holding it high. Then he dropped it on the ground and prepared to roll on it. That was not going to happen! We have a small mountain tent. When I told him he instantly changed plan and swallowed it down in one fell slurp.

The delightful thing is how happy he is to be in the mountains. When the stars begin to fade and the sky begins to gray I get the puppy nose in the sleeping bag. At first I thought he was cold he was trembling so much. It wasn't even chilly. He was just excited. I try to tell him that outside it will be cold and we should wait for sunrise. However Luke has a different plan for the day. If I don't listen to him he says, "Well, I've tried the genteel approach..." and starts batting me with his paws. Pretty quick he's testing my martial skills blocking and diverting his old one-two. It's all in fun and he knows I'll give it up and see it his way sooner or later.

There has only been one exception to the morning routine. This year a momma bear and her two cubs were hanging around Camp Mather, a mile or so up the road. Well sometime about O-dark-hundred Luke got busy waking me up. He was trying to tell me there was something important we just had to go outside and check. Right. I told him to roll over. It wasn't happening. Well, being the good dog he is, he must have stayed up the rest of the night on guard. I actually had to wake him up about 7.

Luke is an awesome traveler. Of course we start at dawn for the cooler temperatures and I give him pit stops. We go the back roads which is happier for all of us. Who knew there was still an S&W Green stamp sign at the Valley Home store?

Cheers, Charles

Ruby aka Cricket

In February 2002 my father Greg was in congestive heart failure, he survived. Somewhere between the doctor visits, procedures, medications and scares he lost his spunk. In 2006 we said good bye to our trusty little Brittany spaniel Brittany, she was 14 and the house wasn't the same without her. It took along time for my dad to get over her loss and he knew that when he was ready he needed another Brittany.

One day out of the blue in the summer of 2011 he called me up and said "I want a dog, I want a girl Brittany, a liver and white Brittany." Ok I said and off to the internet I went. Rescue was the only option I considered. Luckily the   American Brittany rescue was the first thing that popped up in my search and they found my dad the perfect Brittany named Cricket.

My dad and I drove down to Cedar Rapids to get Cricket. We had decided to change her name to Ruby. We met in a parking lot and I'll never forget the moment we met her. Ruby let my dad put his leash on her, she jumped out of the car, licked him,  and jumped into my car, she sat down on the front seat and looked at us like "let's go home." In that moment she claimed us and we claimed her.

Ruby and my dad go every where together. They go down to the summer house, rides in the car, to the dog park, and  walks on the trail so she can play in the creek. He packs her a sandwich and gives her beef sticks so she won't run away from him. Ruby is never far from his side.

My dad has trained Ruby to wait for the mailman, he will say "Ruby mails coming." She runs out to the front room, sits in her chair nose to the window waiting for the mailman to arrive. He drops a treat in the slot and it gives her something to bark at beside the squirrel that's been taunting her for months.

Ruby isn't the one who got rescued that day, it was my Dad. Ruby rescued my dad. She brought him back to us, his spunk and zest for life had returned. He is the healthiest he had been in over 10 years and it is all because of a Brittany.

Ruby is a dog with a bed side manner, it's like she knows, she will nurse you back to health by never leaving your side. She has the most soulful eyes that when you look into them, you know everything is going to be all right. Ruby is more than a rescue dog, she is a companion, she is family, and mostly she is the medicine that my dad needed.

This little spunky rambunctious Brittany rescued my dad and for that words cannot express how much your organization means to us. 

AmandaJean Beaulieu

Maddison and Dakota

Brittanys are like potato chips, you can’t have just one. Maddison was our first ABR almost 7 years ago. She was the companion to Dakota, whom we got 2 years prior from a breeder (we didn’t know then!). When Dakota passed over the rainbow bridge due to stomach cancer, it took a long time before we considered another buddy. A call to Michelle started the paperwork, and shortly after we were introduced to another Dakota (honest!). They shared more than just a name. Both afraid of thunderstorms and love to chase deer.

Our newest Dakota quickly made himself part of the family, and he and Maddie have quickly bonded.

As you can see, whether it’s guarding the house from my office window, to cruising in the boat or jeep, both ABR are living the life!

So now we have 2 ABR buddies.

So thank you ABR, and Michelle. And yes, we are trying to hold back on another potato chip!

Chris and Beverlee Duffy



It is with a heavy heart that I'm writing to tell you of the passing of our much beloved Brittany, Max. We adopted Max in December of 2003 when he was 11 months old. Max brought fun and excitement to our lives from the moment he came into them. He was always happy and easygoing and even when he would run off after rabbits that would wander into our yard (before we got a big enough fence up), he never went far, thank goodness.

In 2007 Max began having seizures. We were able to control his condition for the most part with a good diet. In 2014 Max got blastomycosis in his foot and had to have one of his toes amputated, but he still didn't let it get him down. Then last summer the seizures got worse. For the last year we've experimented with various medications and have taken him to several vets to try and find "the cure" that would get his seizures under control. It finally became too much for him and his poor body.

He enriched our lives, warmed our hearts and made us laugh for over 11 years. We were truly blessed to have had him in our lives. He will be greatly missed



10-year-old Maggie came to our home from ABR last December as the dog with three names. Maggie aka Mandy aka Birdie is now happily answering to the jingle of her harness as we prepare for a walk.

We shake our heads in disbelief that she could really be 10 because her energy level is off the charts. She likes to wear us out as you can tell by the happy smile on her face and the relaxed posture of my husband in this photo from about 5 miles into a hike on a Gunpowder Falls trail in suburban Baltimore, MD.


When my husband and I got Todd from his foster home he was one, maybe two years old. We were told that he had been dropped off outside an animal shelter, half starved and covered with fleas and ticks. American Brittany Rescue got him, cleaned him up, took him to the vet for checkup, vaccinations, and neutering and turned him over to his foster home. We saw his picture and write up on the American Brittany Rescue website but we actually went to get a little black and white French Brittany. Once we got there, Todd just seemed to be a much better match for us. 

When we got him home, we found out he had probably never been in a house before as he went over the furniture not around it. He was afraid of loud noises like thunder, gunshots, firecrackers, etc., so it is assumed he was dropped off by a disgruntled hunter who had no use for a gun shy bird dog.  Todd had everything to learn, and in most things, he was a quick learner. I went with him for two six week sessions of obedience school and he got "Most Improved." He had to improve, he couldn't have gotten much worse. He learned all the basics rather quickly and he always comes when I call with one exception. If he is chasing a squirrel, rabbit, or other critter, forget it. He's focused on one thing, and that is whatever he's chasing.  We have a large fenced in back yard and that is his domain during the day, in the house at night.  I walk him through the neighborhood every day and he is known by all the kids and gets to meet a lot of the other neighborhood dogs.  The kids run up and hug him and he never jumps on them or gets excited, he just stands there and tolerates the hugs and then walks on.

About six years ago he was bitten on the nose and jaw by a Copperhead in our backyard and his poor head was swollen something terrible.  The vet gave him a shot and antibiotics and the next day he was as good as new but with a new respect for snakes. He got where he would go around the yard and hunt for them through the day. Copperheads have great camouflage in dry leaves and pine straw and at times are almost impossible to spot, but Todd didn't need to see them, he would sniff them out. When he found one he would bark and jump back over and over. We got where we could tell his "snake" bark. One summer  we killed 14 Copperheads  and  all, except for a couple,  were found by Todd. We were averaging 12 Copperheads killed a year for several years.  He hasn't found as many this summer and we don't know if he has thinned them out or if they run in cycles, but snakes are not safe in the back yard with Todd.  One was escaping down a hole and Todd got him by the tail, pulled him out,  and immediately slung him across the yard where my husband chopped off his head with our "snake" shovel. We have neighbors who say "we don't have snakes".  They have snakes, they just don't know it. We don't have snakes because we have Todd.


This is Tinkerbell. We adopted her thru ABR 6 years ago and she finally took a good photo!

She came from Ohio and now lives in Maryland (DC suburbs). She is very loving and petite and loves long hikes at her weekend house in the mountains.

But when she is in the city she is actually very lazy- so un-Brittany like! Katie Beach


"my name is Jill and I'm the cute blonde(roan) in back, smiling with my pack. when I was seven my owner died and his wife moved to smaller quarters in Bend , Oregon. My littermate Abby and I felt lost, gaining 10 pounds. We went to a new home , but it failed. Then Tom and Jane in Colorado found us, aged 9, and flew us in to a forever home. nicknamed the Golden girls, we lost our weight and became sporting dogs again! when Abby died a year later I was heartbroken but my new family consoled me. Tom and Jane added another young rescue to even the numbers. I am now a 15 1/2, the matriarch of the group. what a great place to grow old!!" <o:p />

Jill died at 15 yrs,9 months, the best and loved of the rescues we've had. She smiled till the end<o:p />


Hi, my name is Rylee but some of you may know me as Peaches.  My foster dad Mike Barlow rescued me from a shelter in Utah almost three years ago and I made my way to my forever home with Mike and Cathy in sunny California. 

I made the trip through the winter snowstorms just after Christmas and when I arrived, there were presents for me under the tree!   I knew this was the place for me but I had no idea how much fun California is! 

Since then, we go to the beach about once a month and take long walks on the beach – well, they walk – I run and swim!  I was pretty unsure about water when I first arrived but now it is so much fun to jump in the waves or launch into the swimming pool. 

This summer, Mike took me on my first backpacking trip.  I wasn’t so sure what was happening when he strapped the pack on me and didn’t understand why my food was in there but when we got started on the trail, it all came to me!  Miles upon miles of forest and trails to run chasing squirrels and streams and lakes to swim in!  After a 4 mile hike into camp, we settled in alongside a lake where Mike took my backpack off.  While Mike took a nap, I spent the next hour swimming in the lake – it was so much fun!  Check me out in this picture – is this not the best place for a Brittany?  The Beach Boys said it best – “I wish they all could be California girls!”  Thank you ABR!  I have a smile on my face every day now.


Georgia was adopted in April 2013 and was very skittish.  2 years later and you'd never believe it if you met her now!  She's quite the card and loves to roll around on the floor when our 16 year old son, Jonathan, enters the room as she adores him.  

We think her breed should be called the "Attention Hound" since she demands to petted always and often.  She's quirky in that she's become a hoarder and stashes all her toys in the corner along with several socks that she seems to always find.  

She also loves her step-brother cocker spaniel, Brutus, and always gives him at least one cleaning by licking a day. See picture attached of the both of them in the car.

Thanks for all your organization does as she's quite dear to us and we enjoy having her so much!
The Klaus Family


I just wanted to tell you about Roxie. We rescued her from ABR on September 1, 2011. We got her from the OKC area. She was 2 1/2 years old. We are full-time motorcycle missionaries and we got her for ministry.

I mean, who can resist wanting to pet a dog and we are asked constantly if she can be petted! She is a great conversation starter. We had her about 4-5 months when we noticed she followed my wife around all the time. Sometimes nudging her or jumping on her when she wouldn't with anyone else. In February 2012 we met a couple in Daytona, FL that had a Brittany diabetic alert service dog. That's when it hit us, maybe Roxie is doing this because my wife is a diabetic. From that time on when Roxie would nudge, jump, or whatever to her, she would test her blood and sure enough it was too low. She is now a certified service dog and goes with us almost all of the time. She basically works the most while we sleep and she jumps up and down off the bed periodically all night checking. She has saved my wife's life 6 different times in the last 3 1/2 years. During the day when she jumps on her, she gently blows in her face and if she is ok, Roxie jumps down and goes on her way. If not, she just stands there on her back feet until she knows action is going to be taken.

She is such a blessing to us and we are so glad we found her on the ABR website!!! Thank you ABR, David and Brenda Pantleo Www.DavidPantleo.com


Max here.  I know what you’re thinking:  “What a handsome guy!”  Well I’m not just handsome, I’m lucky.  I lived in Iowa for 8 and a half years, but when my first family needed to move and couldn’t take me with them, Terry Mixdorf at ABR found me a forever home in Kansas.  I’m 10 and a half now and I love everything about my new home—my mom, my dad, my 3 cats, and my new BBF, Gus. 

Gus is a giant schnauzer.  He’s only 2 years old, but he weighs 85 lbs!  We live just outside of the city limits, and Gus and I have nothing but fun in our 2-acre fenced-in yard.  We’re loving, smart, and immensely talented, especially in the area of landscape redesign. Back in the fall of 2014, we pulled off one major and amazing accomplishment (and the one we think Mom & Dad will remember f-o-r-e-v-e-r). You’re really going to be impressed!  Get ready . . . Here it is:  One day in November we discovered that the mole tunnels meandering through our backyard had become rather lengthy, and with new ones appearing every few days, the network had become massive.  We’d been digging around on them for some time, but Mom & Dad always escorted us back in the house before we could finish our project.  But all that changed when the opportunity of a lifetime came along—Mom & Dad left us alone in the backyard for an entire afternoon!  That was all we needed to show them how helpful we could be.  We put our digging skills to work and by the time they returned we had trenched the entire network of tunnels covering nearly an acre of our yard!  When they came home and began looking for us, we were proudly sitting there, exhausted, but waiting to show them both our massive “re-landscaping” project and our trophy—one of the moles (and we take no prisoners).  Gosh, they were just speechless.  Too proud to speak, we suspect, because it ultimately took a pickup-size load of soil to fill in the trenches.   Yeah.  Amazing.

As great as digging is, and as accomplished as we are in the art, our absolute favorite thing to do is ride in the car.  Here are the selfies we took to commemorate our one-millionth ride in the Rav4.  Kansas!  Where the digging is great, and the rides are even better.



I want to share the success story of Annie who adopted us in 2005.  With great sadness we had to let Annie go last Tuesday.  She was my second Brittany to make it to 15 1/2 years.  Annie had many "quirks" to work through but she was the sweetest girl.

Our Emma is deeply mourning her loss which is quite something to witness.  Here is a picture of Annie with 15 1/2 month old Ember Mae who loved this dog so much.  I feel another Brittany is in my future......


RIP Annie Fannie, Chunk, Big Mama and the list goes on and on....


It is with heavy heart, that I must tell you that our Sonny dog, adopted October 2009 has been diagnosed with a large tumor on his heart and will only be with us for a few more months most likely. His age was unknown when we adopted him, they said anywhere between 6-12 yrs.  His health was in pretty bad shape when he was found.  He has been a happy part of our family for over 5 years now!  He loves our kids, our cats, and our newer two-year-old Brittany, Colt.  We just wanted to thank you for your rescue work and keeping these fabulous dogs in good, loving homes!<p>

We would also like to look for another Brittany after Sonny is gone.  Our 2-yr-old Britt will be very lonely.  We would love to find another young 1-3 yr old to bring into our family and become Colt’s new brother or sister.  If you have any available in the next couple months were are interested!

Here is Sonny, with his smile!

and here is his brother Colt. 

Thank you!

Keith and Ellen Mangine


Hi to everyone at the ABR. It has been one month since we welcomed Sasha into our home. When Rick showed me her picture on Facebook something told me we needed to call on her. We have a 12yo Britt who has been blind for three years due to SARD. We have been talking about getting a 5 or 6 year old Britt to help her have more of a better quality of life. When Rick showed me Sasha on Facebook something told me to call about her.

When we met her at Meghan's home Ruby walked over to Sasha and touched her. She was OK with Sasha and we knew she was meant for us to bring into our home. At first she ran around checking everything out. She and Ruby are getting along great. Sometimes Sasha gets Ruby to come in from outside. Ruby hears Sasha running around and wants to know what she is doing. Sasha has become Rick's Britt and she follows him everywhere.

We are so glad we found Sasha and glad the ABR approved us. Sasha is making our home and Ruby's life alive again. We wanted to say a huge THANK YOU for giving us the opportunity to have Sasha in our life. Thank you!" Ruby, Sasha, Ruth and Rick

Mowgli formerly Zach

For two months now we have had a new fur baby in our house.  Mowgli (formerly Zach) has truly come out of his shell.  He has decided that this is home and he is going to invite everyone that walks by to come over and play.  He has gotten along wonderfully with his new aunt Lola and I think they've become instant best friends. 

Now that the weather has warmed up a bit, he has decided that boat rides aren't too scary.  They are just the start to his favorite thing, running around chasing birds and fish around small islands.

Mowgli also decided that no lap is too small for him to cuddle up into.  He greets me every morning with a big hug, toothy grin, and nubby wag. 

That's all for now, time for a walk!

p.s. thanks to Monica and everyone at ABR for not only caring for this little gem, but for all they do for every other fur child. 



Hello, we wanted to share an update on Charley (formerly Crosby). We brought him home in November, our initial concerns about bonding with our 8 years Brittany, Clementine were quickly vanished when the two met!

Although, Charley towers over Clementine he is gentle and completely submissive to the little gal. They enjoy walks, playing ball and wrestling each other.

Charley loves snuggling with the family on sofa and enjoys sniffing out the falling popcorn. Charley came to us from Georgia and has discovered his fondness for snow and is completely unaffected by the cold weather. He has completely captured our hearts and completed our family



I just wanted to give an update on Granville.  I adopted him from you in Feb. 2006 - his name was Sonny.  Granville has been struggling through several medical issues since November 2014.  Yesterday he told me it was time to leave for his next adventure.  He will be greatly missed!  Granville was the sweetest boy - he played hard and loved to curl up next to me on the couch.  He was my first Brittany and first bird dog - he has changed my life forever.  I have an English Setter as well and from here on out I will always have one of each.  He was the even keel to my crazy setters - keeping the balance in life.  I will adopt another Brittany from you in the future - just not ready yet.  I appreciate what ABR does for all these wonderful dogs.

Thank You,



Six years ago today we adopted our Buck who was almost two at the time. He has been a wonderful member of our family. We could not have anticipated what a well behaved and loving friend Buck would be. Recently, a wildlife artist painted the attached portrait which was on display at the Southeast Wildlife Exposition in Charleston, so now the world can see what a rockstar Buck is. With gratitude to ABR, Gary and Jane Bullard

Chloe Rose

Hi ABR and Happy 2015.

It’s another year and Chloe Rose and I are as close as ever.  She goes with me to work almost daily and when she doesn’t she stays home with mom.  She is slowing down a bit now and has trouble hearing. But, what do you expect at 11!!  Her appetite is still good and she still loves to travel.  Hope all is well with ABR in 2015.


Penny and Nickle

I just wanted to pass along a few photos of my two Brittany's. Penny and Nickel. Penny was an ABR assisted adoption back in 2000. I got her when she was approximately 1-2 years old. It was unknown as her history was sketchy, and she had passed through a few hands before she came home with me. I bought Nickel a year later as a hunting companion and companion for Penny.

These are the most amazing animals and they have enhanced our lives and we cherish every day we have with them, as we know they will not be here forever except in our hearts.

Thanks for the opportunity to share this,

Buddy Garrett
ABR Volunteer Florida

Sarah Belle



Sarah Belle Larsen came into our home on February 1st 2014. We had recently lost our Brittany and wanted a companion for our other dog, also a Brittany.  I was very hesitant to adopt Sarah, a nine year old “pup” but when I heard that her owner had passed and none of the family wanted her, I just had to meet her!


Sarah Belle is a very energetic older dog who has taken over as Queen of the Household! Most importantly, she gets along famously with Sassy Sue and they are inseparable! We are more than thrilled to have been in touch with American Brittany Rescue and have Sarah Belle in our lives!


Hi Everyone,

This is Abbie checking in again.  I've posted my story before when I was adopted and on my first anniversary, but I like to keep you informed of how happy I am.

Today, December 4th, 2014, is the second anniversary of my Mom, Dad and me becoming a family. 

Things were great until Mom decided to put a Christmas tree in my favorite corner. Fortunately, after Dad saw how unsettled I was, he made some adjustments and all is right again.

When I was adopted by my Mom and Dad, it was apparent that I was, as my Foster Dad, Dave Smith, explained, "a shy and sweet Brit".  When my folks would inadvertently move their feet near me, I would quickly move away and I wouldn't let Dad pet my face.  But, gradually my fears of new people were overcome and now whenever Dad sits on the couch, I quickly come to sit by him and let him stroke my muzzle and head.  Oh, how great it is to know that I'm loved!!!

My Forever Home has been great. Dad and I take a long walk most every  morning and I see friends I've made along the way.  Pretty soon, the family from the East, Midwest and South will be here for the holidays and I really like that. I couldn't have picked a better Forever Home so I thank the American Brittany Rescue (ABR), Animal Rescue Flights (ARF) and my Foster Dad for working so hard to get me here. Mom and Dad send their thanks also.  I'm truly a member of the family and, if I do say so myself, a very important member.

Mom, Dad and I send our very best wishes for a Merry Christmas and all the best in 2015.

Rosemary and Chuck Leech


I have adopted Brittany No 5!!! Her name is Zooey (8).  She is in the middle in this picture. Maya (10) is on the left and Kodi (6) is on the right.

Zooey is a very sweet little girl that was purchased from Craig's list and then given to ABR.  She has fit right in with the Brittany crew.  She had to have surgery to remove several growths one of which was cancerous.  The vet thinks
they got it all.  She will just need to be checked periodically for the next year. 

Zooey will start training in January so she can become a therapy dog like her brother and sister. The amazing thing is that she heels so well wearing a martingale collar.  She is still learning stay, wait and down.  I have been so lucky and blessed with the Brittanys in my life


Hey ABR friends,

Our awesome Brittany adoptee Connery (formerly Limerick) has been asking me to let you all know how happy he is in his new forever home.

Connery is everything we were told a Brittany would be: loving, cuddly, smart, affectionate, curious, and very, very high energy! He's a big dopey dog who is guaranteed to get into everything he could possibly get into, then gives you this big dopey grin and you immediately forget why you were mad at him.

When we first got him, he showed some mild fear aggression, likely due to his earlier home. But we worked with a trainer and he has completely worked out of it - now he seeks out other dogs for play instead of avoiding them! We were also a bit surprised to discover that he has a severe wheat allergy; he cannot tolerate even the slightest crumb or even a taste of soy sauce without breaking out into belly sores. But, with a bit of adjustment here and there, and a bit of strict diet awareness to any friends / family who come to visit, he has been doing great. He's loving his home-cooked "puppy stew" that I make for him every 2 weeks (and freeze), full of lots of yummy veggies and protein topped olive oil.

His favorite days are spent at Ft. Funston where he can run off leash to his heart's delight, chasing birds, squirrels, or whatever else he happens to find. Connery has learned to respond to our voice commands almost 100% of the time, and is just starting to get the hang of hand signals. He also loves chasing after a chucked tennis ball, and has begun to grasp the concept of bringing the ball back so that I'll throw it again. Sometimes he can be a bit slow to get these things, but eventually he comes around!

Connery is by far one of the most emotionally sensitive dogs I have ever met. If I am sad or sick, he will not leave my side and pushes his entire head into my hand for cuddles and pets. He is also the biggest goofball I have ever encountered! Whether directly asking me to play fetch with him by bringing his favorite fetch squirrel to me and dropping it at my feet, flopping around on his back for belly rubs, or play-attacking our other dog on the stairs, he gets a laugh out of me many times every day. Connery has also recently been successfully introduced to horses and loves being at the horse barn. He romps around on long hikes, loves camping with us, and is a great Sunday brunch partner.

I cannot believe I lived so long of my life without this fantastic, naughty, stinky, goofy, lovable dog. Big thanks for helping me find my favorite doofus, our lives would not work without him!!


Hello my friends!

Sadie from Minnesota here...it has been a while since I have written. I have had a very busy 2014! We moved into a new house in March. I really love my new house because I have a huge backyard that is fenced, so I get to run as much as I want to! What I love most is that I can hunt rabbits and squirrels all the time! My Mom does not really appreciate me hunting them, but I sure do!

My Mom and Dad adopted another new sister for me, she is a 13 year old Westie. She is ok but I would rather hunt in the backyard than play with her. I have been in my forever home for almost 4 years now. My Mom keeps saying that she can't believe how fast time flies; I think it flies as fast as me when I am on the trail of that wascally wabbit! I hope you all enjoy the rest of your year! Love, Sadie Bear

Our Year with Dublin and ABR!!!

Hello ABR! 


This saturday marks the day we call Dublin’s “birthdoption day”.  When we adopted him from ABR last October 25, we didn’t know his birthday!  So we decided that since then his birthday and his adoption day will be the same!  We have been so blessed to come into the ABR family.  

We have had the opportunity to foster two wonderful young dogs and look forward to fostering more and more than likely adopting our next in the near future.  We’ve learned so much about not only Dublin but also about ourselves along the journey the past year. Including he will voice his opinions when our schedules change and that if there’s a bird to hunt down in the yard, he will absolutely go for it!   He’s caught 2 birds so far! It’s really just been an amazing year volunteering with the rescue, and having Dublin in our lives!! Thanks so much for all that you do and we look forward to continuing working with the rescue!!  <o:p> </o:p>


Meghan, Paul,  and Dublin Dog!<o:p />


The good news - Luke has landed. I'm sure that if a squirrel passed by on the telephone line he would follow it forever. Otherwise, he likes lying on the front lawn in the shade of the plum tree until something more interesting, like a guided walk, comes up on the agenda. In every way he has become willing to accede to any reasonable request. Granted, never give an order unless you believe it will be followed.

Therefore, keep it reasonable. He's a hunter. He loves stalking the local squirrels and is overjoyed when he can chase a turkey or a duck. Good thing I like sharing that with him. As for actually hunting with him, we would probably both embarrass ourselves. He chases and doesn't want to give if he catches. I told you about the stinky dead crow which was still intact enough to squeak when mouthed? Natural squeaky toy...

I'm a lousy shot. Told you about the hunting day of my youth when the people working the old Brittany got 7 pheasant... and the golden chasing 'em down the ditches caught and brought back 5? If I take him hunting, it will be where I think an audience unlikely.

btw - Whatever has been achieved this year has mostly been through love and affection. I may have tapped him a couple times, but never actually swatted, much less hit, him. Treats only work around home. When he's "on duty" he isn't interested. He has frequently hit the end of the leash, but we both agree that just is what it is. He now understands "whoa" is a warning that he's running out of slack in his expando-leash.

We've had a couple short Sierra excursions. He has excellent camp manners and is beside himself with excitement being in the country. He tried trout fishing but the little guys were too quick for him. Whatever; he loves splashing around in the Tuolumne*.

Bad news is limited and neither unusual or significant. Poor guy probably got a foxtail or something like which dug in under his collar and abscessed. Ugly and worrisome for his people but it never slowed him down. He loves the peanut butter in which I bury his antibiotics. Associated bad news is that until that is healed up we can't wander inour wilder trajectories.

Around home he has become something of a drama queen, but you could consider that a floor show. He sings for his supper. Not really, just for treats and dessert. The vet likes his weight so we must not be overdoing it (And my doc likes mine, down 12# so far this year. Need a personal trainer? I recommend a Brittany...)

Cheers, Charles & Luke

Abby and Luc


 Both of my furry children are ABR rescues! Abby on the left is about 5 yrs old now and loves her nightly walks around town. Luc is about 8 yrs old and loves looking out the window. They have become best friends and don't like to be away from each other. They are extremely spoiled and have claimed our couch as their own. We love ABR and so thankful they found our Britts for us! Keep up the fabulous work you do !

Maya and Kodi

Maya (10) on left, Kodi (6) on right

This picture was taken a couple years ago.

I sort of inherited my first Britt, Allie.  She was the cutest little chubby puppy. When she tried to point, she would fall over.  She taught me how stubborn and sweet a Britt can be.  She became a Happy Tails Therapy Dog at age 11.  She was an Alpha dog and tested me every day to make sure that I really wanted to be in charge and lived to be 14 yrs old. Britt #2 was Sammy (aka Peyton) adopted through ABR and the Archers. He was around 5 yrs old. He had been named Peyton because he was so sweet. He was a “born free” Britt…he could not be trusted around an open door or gate.  He became a therapy dog at age 7.  He was born to this…..he was the best with special ed kids and the elderly.  Around then I adopted Britt #3, Maya through ABR and Evelyn Wheeler. She was only 1 ½ yrs old and was the calmest and most cuddly Britt I had ever seen.  She was certified as a Happy Tails therapy dog at age 2. She loves to lay with patients in their beds and play with the special ed kids.  Maya is also certified under Therapy Dogs Inc. so she can be a Reading Paws dog. Children come to the library to read to her.  She loves it since she can be petted and talked to for an hour.  Maya is also certified as an AKC therapy dog.  Sadly, Sammy passed away.  Maya was so lonely that I adopted Britt #4, Kodi (aka Archie) through ABR and Gloria Gaffke.  He was barely 1 yrs old.  He is a typical energetic, nosey and loving Britt.  He has completed Basic and Intermediate obedience and passed his Canine Good Citizen test.  He is now Happy Tails therapy dog and is also AKC certified therapy dog. He also belongs to TD Inc and does Reading Paws.  Amazingly he is the best therapy dog of the four.

I cannot begin to express my deep appreciation for the foster parents of my dogs.  Gloria even drove Kodi from Iowa to Atlanta.  These wonderful dogs have enriched my life in so many ways.  They have given so much love to everyone they visit….a smile on a sick child or a nursing home resident is a great reward.  They have made me laugh so many times and no one can be lonely with a Britt on your lap or nose bumping your hand.

Eleanor Hager

Tango aka Aspen

In March of 2011, I found pics of a cute little britt boy, in a foster home in TX.  We live in central Wisconsin.  We fell in love with his pretty little face and all of the stars aligned.  A friend and fellow Britt lover, Lisa Rice, from Amarillo, TX was going to be making a drive to WI.  I asked if she would mind a rider and Aspen (now Tango), hitched a ride.  The rest of the family, Annie and Rocket, were not all that fond of Tango when he came home but that soon changed and he made everyone he met, fall in love.  One thing we found out is that they do, in fact, make everything bigger in TX.  Tango is a petite 77 lbs. and is the sweetest lap dog you will ever meet.  He is also one of the best hunting dogs we have ever had and a great big brother to Lola.  They and Rocket, get along so well, it is just great.  All of them sleep in the king size bed with us, altho we are thinking of upgrading Tango to his own twin size trundle bed.  Thanks to all, especially Lisa, for bringing Tango home, where he belongs. 
Jackie and Clark Albers


My dog Cinnamon is definitely a big ABR success story. She came to me almost 8 yrs ago thru ABR volunteer Shelli Ray.   I can only say that I am very fortunate Cinnamon knew we were a match and picked me to be her forever home. For I could not have predicted the joy she would bring and all the fun times we would have together.

At the time I had a young brittany (Winchester) at home who had been sad for quite some time over the loss of his older friend.  He loved to take care of others and was missing one that had been in his care.  Also, while we ran every day and practiced agility Winchester- being 2 was still in need of a playmate.  My husband was away a lot on business and left me to take care of the properties and critters which left little extra time. We had visited some other brittanys and were pondering over them when it was suggested we meet Cinnamon. We went to Cinnamon’s foster home to see how everyone got along. The dogs got along well and Cinnamon liked me right away. Shelli said she had not seen Cinnamon warm up to someone so quickly.  I figured it had something to do with the treats in my pocket but she said others had had treats as well. Next step was for Cinnamon to visit us in our home.  She jumped in our pond and would not get out and did not want to leave.  To me it seemed to be a good fit and Shelli, her daughter and Cinnamon all seemed to know just how perfect this would turn out.

When Cinnamon first came to our home she would hide under the furniture when you got home and wait to see what would happen to Winchester. She was not good with men in general and was very leery of my husband who loved to pet dogs.  After about 3 days of feeding her and petting her she decided not all guys were bad. It took her about 3 months to stop hiding under the furniture when you first came in.   We had many challenges. Winchester introduced her to the horses and showed her they were harmless. Cinnamon “tom sawyered” him out of the front seat of the car and many other prime spots. He really took her under his wing and showed her everything was all right. I was not going to do the agility with Cinnamon but after watching Winchester once she showed me she was capable of doing everything.

Cinnamon is now the happiest dog I have ever seen.  Every day she is full of sunshine, kisses and love. She not only is an agility champion but a favorite in the agility community and all love to watch her run around the ring wagging her tail on all the equipment and making loud laughing noises ( It’s not barking). She entertains all and gets the whole class stirred up. She is always smiling and people are always wanting to see her. She loves playing interactive games with you and on cold nights she loves to snuggle and will take your hand and make you pet her. When she wants something Winchester has such as a bone she uses her feminine guile to make Winchester jealous and give up the bone – which she promptly takes over. When my husband got very ill she would check on him constantly and is now not afraid of any guy.  Now instead of hiding she happily greets you in a play bow wagging her tail. And the best thing is you know she is wagging her tail with her heart and truly loves life.  There are no bad days- because all you have to do is go home and see Cinnamon and a bad day is good and a good day is even better. She can make you laugh every day.  I am so fortunate Cinnamon knew from that very first meet we were meant to be her forever home. We do so many fun things and she is a quick learner. She loves to be the star of the show. Also, I would like to thank Shelli Ray, the ABR foster volunteer, whom I felt really put some time and effort into Cinnamon and teaching her the basics to make her a successful candidate for a forever home.


Another Brittany Story


By Molly—as told to her Dad & Mom, Bob and Kathy Ackerman


I came to ABR in 2006, because my first Daddy was living alone and wanted me to have a better life than being in a crate all the time. The parting was sad for everyone, but things were about to get a whole lot better…


First I got to stay with Michelle Falkinburg and family for a couple of weeks. What fun to run around with her “pack” and play doggy games all day. Then some new people came into my life—Bob and Kathy Ackerman, my forever family.


My family was living in New Jersey back then, and life was good. I had a nice back yard and also got to run on the beach on Cape Cod a couple of times a year. Then, the most amazing thing happened. My Dad and Mom packed up all our stuff and we moved to Rehoboth Beach, Delaware!


Summer is pretty great here, because we can buckle up for a ride in the car with the top down and take long walks at the state park. But my favorite time of year starts when the beach season ends. Rehoboth is doggy heaven from October to May, because that’s when we’re allowed to walk on the boardwalk.  I love to greet all the other dogs, and I beam with pride when people say how pretty I am. I am a walking advertisement for my breed, because Mom and Dad always explain that no, I am not a Springer Spaniel, and that I joined my family through American Brittany Rescue.


This September I am turning 10, and it seems like a good time to stop and say “Thank You!” to the wonderful people at ABR who took me in when I needed a home and helped me find a family of my very own.


Molly Ackerman






This is Fozzie. He is a 9 month old puppy who was adopted from ABR in January of 2014. He loves fishing and being around people. This is pretty amazing considering he was petrified of people until about 4 months ago. He's also a fun loving puppy who wears tutus (once in awhile:)


A message from Karma (formerly Brittany) 

Hey guys! Next month (April) will be one whole year since the wonderful volunteers of ABR helped me drive nearly 1600 miles from my foster Mom in Wichita Falls, TX all the way up to Missoula, MT to my Forever Home. I'll admit, I was a little shy when I first got there, but my Mom helped me get more confident with other dogs (even though my husky brother is REALLY obnoxious) and now I'm even starting to play with them! 

My Mom is a dog trainer, and she thinks I'm such a good example that I even get to come to work and demonstrate my skills! I get to meet lots of other dogs (which are OK), but meeting all the new people is my favorite! Some of them even give me treats. When I got here I only knew how to "Sit," but now I can do all sorts of things, like Heel, Bow, Stay, and I'm learning more all the time! I might even be learning Nosework soon. 

Oh, did I mention I'm also a hunting dog? We go out all the time and look for birds and rabbits--it's so much fun! And when I'm not doing all those exciting things, I have lots of fluffy beds to lay on, and there's almost always someone to keep me company. Mom says this summer we're going to do lots of hiking and camping.

P.S. -- Even though I was a Texas dog, I LOVE THE SNOW! All that fluffy white stuff is lots of fun! This really is the best. Thanks, ABR! 






 Well, here we are a couple months into the new year with our happy new dog, Luke, who came on New Years Eve. "Cool Hand Luke" was his pound name. Lucky Luke is more like it -      

I have to say a little prayer of thanks and sympathy for his original people and home. He obviously had a lot of love and pretty good training. But then one day he ran past his horizon and couldn't find his
way back. Tapping into the training has been a challenge in some respects. It's also possible that's just the way he is. He did a runner before. Teaching him to "come" instead of chasing something into the
next county might just be a life lesson for him.

Meantime, around home he is biddable and a delight. He's loving, cute and has a great sense of humor. We have all sorts of stories already. And how can you be blue or cranky with such a ball of energy and joy just waiting an excuse to have some fun? Had you noticed? Many Brittanies wear their hearts on their forehead.

- charles






June of 2013 we welcomed ABR rescue Winston (formerly Java) into our family.  He immediately bonded with our 13 year old Brittany, Clementine, and won the hearts of all our family (especially our 3 and 5 year old daughters).  He has been a wonderful addition to our family - he's sweet and loving and always up for play!




Bailey has been with us for 10 years he has been a joy.  We had to downsize to our health but Bailey need to do that too.  He is now blinded in both eyes but that doesn't stop him.  He knows the house very well as enjoys just being with us.  If anyone wants to adopt a Brittany you will never be sorry.  Bailey lost his friend Candy about 6 months ago but they enjoyed each other for about 8 years  I have attached a picture of Bailey now.  He has been the spot light of the neighborhood.  Everyone thinks he is handsome. 

Edie Hooper and Don Hooper

Ellie Mae

Jerry and I just wanted to let ABR that we lost our beloved Ellie Mae on March 7th 2013. We were so lucky that the people who adopted her thought she was too aggressive with her bone and surrendered her.  We were the lucky humans that picked her up at OHare from New York.
Ellie Mae (or Mae-Mae) was the alpha female...small but mighty! She loved her bones and you best not tease her when she was enjoying them!  She would do her fake growl when Jerry would pretend to "take" her bone. We took her down south the summer before she passed at age
13 and she swam in that pond chasing frogs for 3 days. She slept for a week after she got home!
The squirrels didn't have a chance around our home. Although she couldn't chase them like she used too, she sure did make them scarce around here.  My brother bought his Pug dog over in his crate and Ellie Mae went in that small crate! When Jerry tried to get her out she was having no part of that and gave him her fake growl. That was her way of telling him she wanted to play! She loved her crate even though she hasn't been in her crate for years.  When the Pug was ill she watched over him like a mother would.
So many memories. So many nose kisses.  She was an independent girl. Daddies growler. Thank you for trusting us to take care of her. She bought so much joy to our lives. She came to us at 7  and left us at almost 14. It was a good 7 years. We just wish it would have been longer. Nose kisses Ellie Mae.  We love you.
Thank You,
Pam Van Dieren and Jerry Hannon

Chloe Rose



Just thought I would let you know that Chloe Rose and I are doing well.  December marked our 2 year anniversary together and her 10th birthday.  Hoping and praying that ABR will be even more successful in 2014. Here is a current picture of us.


Benjamin Buttons

I just had to write after I read a story of a brittany that "fishes". Our Benji is quite the water dog.
Here is Benji with his fish he caught while swimming. 

He lives to swim but his technique could use some work. He is more of a water slapper when you describe his stroke but he loves to swim all the same. Quite the water dog 

My husbands favorite caption for the photo is : what do you mean Brittany's are "Bird Dogs"...?

Benji is also a very accomplished bug hunter. He is a relentless hunter if a fly gets into the house. 



Hello ABR,

I just wanted to send a holiday thank you for my lovely boy.  I adopted Granville (was Sonny with you) in February 2006.  He has been such a joy.  His is my first Brittany and not my last :)  He has a new sister  - Fantasia (a setter/pointer mix) and is helping her adjust to life in our home. Granville is always very helpful with new dogs.   I have attached his Christmas pic. 

Thank you for all you do!!! Enjoy your holidays!

Kimberly Osmonson, Richmond VA


Hi Everyone, 

This is Abbie.  I wrote to you about a year ago after I arrived at my Forever Home.  Today, December 4th, 2013, my folks and I are celebrating our first anniversary together.  It’s been a great year for all of us.  I’ve really been happy.  My folks love me and I’m having a fun time.

“Dad” and I go for a walk almost every morning.  Mom's and Dad’s daughter and her husband have a Golden Retriever, Boomer, and we love to play together.  I get to stay there when my folks are gone.  I wish every dog could have as good of a home as I do.  I want to thank everyone that helped arrange for me to live with my folks.

You can see how contented I am by looking at the picture that Dad attached

“Mom” wants to add a line to my letter now. 


Chuck and I again thank everyone for adding Abbie to our family.  There were several people involved and they deserve mention.  Tiffany Dexter, the CO coordinator for ABR arranged the adoption.  Dave Smith was the Foster Dad and took Abbie and a crate, which we had bought for the transport, to the airport near Denver from where she began the trip to Southern CA.  Julia Ryan-Billings, the Co-Organizer for the Animal Rescue Flights (ARF), spent hours finding pilots who made the commitment to fly Abbie to us.  David Bamford flew her from Denver to Phoenix, using Doug’s (I’m sorry that I don’t know his last name) plane. And, Bob Brown completed the mission by flying Abbie from Phoenix to Fullerton, CA.  The pilots showed ingenuity in disassembling and reassembling the crate to fit in the planes.   

Abbie’s the sweetest gal ever and definitely gives as much love as she receives.  We had Brittany pups before, but never from the ABR and we encourage everyone to adopt a Brit, whether young or old, who needs a Forever Home.  Abbie, Chuck and I wish all of you a Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year. 

Rosemary Leech 

PS:  You can see pictures of Abbie’s trip that Julia Ryan-Billings posted on the ARF website:



Like so many of the people who adopt a dog from ABR, I had put down my previous Brittany a year earlier.  Jaque was a wonderful dog, who was with me for nearly 16 years.  He was a great companion and hunting dog, who gave his all every time we went out.  He was healthy his entire life.  As he got older, I would ask him when I fed him, if he was going to live forever.  Two months prior to his 16th birthday, Jaque began to go downhill.  He lost weight, became unstable, and gave me a look that told me what I needed to know.  I took him to Ken, the vet where I got him when he was a pup.  He took care of Jaque his whole life and hunted over him many times.   After he examined Jaque, he looked up at me and said, “Tom, its time”.  I didn’t ask for a diagnosis.  I trusted Ken, so we put Jague to rest.  I buried him behind our house, where he loved to run, and said my good-byes.  I was holding it together until my wife hugged me and told me that he was a good dog.  Let’s just say that “real men do cry”. 

A year went by and I was ready for another dog.  However, I had just retired and moved to a much smaller home.  My wife wasn’t crazy about the idea because this dog would have to live in the house, but with a little persuasion she was on board.  Originally, I wanted a puppy, but the cost was much more than I could afford.  During my search I came across the ABR website.  I had never considered adoption before, but when I saw all the dogs that needed homes, I was moved to act.  I couldn’t specify a dog that was trained to hunt, but I knew that a pure bread Brittany would have that instinct.  I soon found Sam only 15 miles away.  I filled out an application and was quickly contacted.  After completing the process, I picked up Sam.  He is a wonderful affectionate dog, who is well suited to live indoors.

After a couple months of training, I took Sam on his first hunt.  He ran over the first bird, but retrieved it to hand.  After that first encounter, he quickly connected the scent with the bird and began pointing from farther and farther away.  The picture I included shows Sam on a staunch point.  You can see in his eyes that he’s doing what he loves.

Even though I call him Jaque from time to time, Sam is my boy now, and a much loved member of our family.  I thank ABR for the good work that they do.  I have also volunteered to help transport dogs.   It helps me to give back a little of what I have received.

Tom Thompson

Kalamazoo, MI


We were looking for a pet, in particular, a dog and specifically a “Brittany”.  I found the American Brittany Rescue web site and browsed the photos and bios of various dogs until I found a story and photo of  “Kipper”.  After talking with the area representative and asking for information , he put me in touch with the owners.  At the conclusion of our telephone conversation we agreed  to meet and evaluate Kipper as a possible pet from our prospective and they to evaluate us as parents for Kipper from their prospective.  

It was a good meeting and we decided Kipper would be just fine for us. They agreed to allow us to become Kipper’s family and to provide a “forever” home for him.  Their oldest child, age 5, I will never forget.  He loved his dog and as I looked into his eyes full of tears, not really wanting to give Kipper up, I promised myself I would love this dog as much as this boy did.   

Driving away was the hardest part.  Kipper was constantly looking back as if to say “ Is he not coming along with us”?   However, the transition went very smoothly.   These parents had taught or trained Kipper so well, I now understood why they chose the name Kipper.   (Kipper is a character in a series of books for preschool-age children by a British writer)  Kipper was an English Gentleman   We were not going to change his name.   

Kipper was smart, good looking, had good manners, was house broken, kennel trained ,had personality PLUS, and his  shots and records were up to date.  He is the only dog I have ever known who would wait for the command to eat from his bowl.  You could put ice cream in the bowl and he would not move toward it until you gave the command OK. What a wonderful job these parents had done with Kipper.  

We took him home, taught him his new boundaries and wow, what  an experience for us.   We have had the privilege of loving and caring for Kipper over the past eleven years.  He has traveled across the United States with us, up Pikes Peak, along the Grand Canyon, up the Great Sand Dunes, visited the beaches of Delaware, North and South Carolina and Florida.  

What a trooper!  Every place we took him he acted like a gentleman and loved everyone he met, especially children.   He was family!!!  

Kipper was diagnosed with Renal failure and yesterday we lost him.  Words cannot describe the sadness and loss we have experienced nor the emptiness we feel.  He brought so much joy into our lives and was so giving.  His love for us was truly “unconditional”.  How can I ever thank the original parents of Kipper for their remarkable gift?   We gave Kipper  a forever home, but he gave us a life time of memories filled with love and happiness.  His parents wanted “only the best” for Kipper and they were heartbroken to give him up.  We gave him our very best and we are heartbroken in having to give him up.   He was, is still and will always be a part of our family.   His DOB was August 12, 1999 and DOD October 25, 2013.  Kipper was an American Kennel Club certified Brittany.    

Thank you American Brittany Rescue!    Thank you and the many volunteers it takes to keep your organization up and running.  Thank you for the shelter you provide, the foster care you offer, the transporting and medical attention given to many.  You have brought untold joy into the lives  of many by your labor of love for these precious friends. 


In October of 2006, my family was blessed with a new member, Jillybean. At the time we were told that she was about 7 months old, but after another visit to the vet they decided she was actually about 14 months. My dad had said prior to her arrival that we could only get a dog if we named it Scout, after our beloved hamster. “It’s a boy and a girl name!” he had said, so wouldn’t you know it, we named her Scout (Scouty). She was originally found on the side of a highway in Virginia with her mother Celia.



After 7 great years, we have accumulated a bunch of different nicknames for Scout (i.e. Scouty-Badowty, Scooty-Batooty, Pups MaGups). After years of spoiling, Scouty prefers to sit in her own seat in the car, sleep in a human-sized bed, and spend hours of relaxation in the lake.  She is an avid fisherman but after many head dunks she has never come up with a fish. Where ever we go, everyone is interested in Scout, from the way she swims for hours to the way she points her paw when she sees a squirrel. There are no words to describe how perfect our Scouty is. Thank you ABR for giving us an amazing dog, but really another family member.

"My Libby"

A little over five years ago we were asked by American Brittany Rescue to foster a sweet Brittany named Libby. She had been turned into a shelter in North Platte. She had obviously just had a litter of puppies and was still lactating. She was brought back to Omaha by Nancy and Harlan Vogel who asked us to foster her. She was spayed at Rockbrook Animal and came to our house to recuperate so that she could be adopted out by American Brittany Rescue.

Libby was a shy baby right from the start. When the doorbell rang, she would run and hide. When our other two dogs would bark she would hide. Her favorite safe place was behind our bed in our bedroom where she was out of sight. She would occasionally sleep on the bed with us but she preferred her little dog bed behind our bed where she was safe from all loud noises and the commotion of the other dogs.

I quickly feel in love with my dear sweet Libby. When the call came that a family in Atlanta wanted to adopt her I just couldn't send her half way across the country. I knew that she would be scared and I couldn't bear the thought of life without her. So we kept her. As our daughter told us, "you guys suck at fostering".

She loved to go for walks but even on her walks she was timid. She seldom would use the whole leash length, preferring to stay next to me. Lee took her out hunting but it was clear she was not a hunter. She had that Brittany nose and a couple times she pushed some pheasant out but she wasn't a pointer and just liked going for walks in the fields.

She was the sweetest dog I have ever known. She wouldn't hurt a soul. She seldom barked and never showed any aggression to anyone. One time I had her at the farmer's market on a Saturday morning. I didn't see the little girl who came suddenly at her from the side. All of a sudden there was a three year old hugging her tight and squealing "doggie"! The little girl's mother was horrified, scared that the dog would bite her little one. But Libby didn't even flinch. She just stood there and let the little girl hug her and pull on her ears. Many people around me commented, "that is a great dog, most dogs would have bitten a kid coming at them suddenly like that". I said, "I know".

About a year ago she started to slow down. We knew she about five when we got her so we thought she was just starting to get old. I took her in for tests and our vet found her thyroid was low. We put her on thyroid medication. Then last summer we had her clipped for summer and I noticed that her hair was growing in and she seemed to be panting a lot. I started googling her symptoms on the internet and it seemed to match "Cushing's Disease". I called the vet and he said to bring her in for tests.

He tested her adrenal function and sure enough she had Cushing's. Cushing's is a disease where the adrenal gland produces too much cortisol. Most likely in her case it was caused by a tumor on her pituitary gland. The symptoms are increased thirst and feeding, hair loss or failure to grow, panting and fatigue. We started her on a medication called Veteryl that can lessen the symptoms. She did better for a little while, she got a little bounce in her step and this spring she was actually chasing things in the field again. Her hair wasn't growing but we didn't care.

The past two months she had started to go downhill again. We had her tested for diabetes, which can be caused by Cushing's, but she was negative. She was losing weight and pacing incessantly. It was hard for her to sleep at night. We started giving her Melatonin. She started having accidents in the house. Libby never ever had accidents before this. She could go twelve or more hours without peeing. She was such a good dog. When we left her for long hours she never peed in the house. We would be standing at the back door with her legs crossed, but she would never go.

Then yesterday she seemed really restless. She was panting and all of a sudden her legs went out from underneath her and she couldn't stand up. I took her right into the vet. They did x-rays but couldn't find anything. She had developed a massive infection in one of her mammary glands. The vet said that Cushing's causes a compromised immune system that can lead to devastating infections. She had IV fluids and three antibiotics last night. The vet wanted her to stay overnight but I couldn't leave her there. She came home last night. She was walking some but she wouldn't eat. I sat out on my deck last night with her laying next to me. I thought she might be ok.

I took her back into the vet this morning for more antibiotics and fluids. Mid day the vet called me. It was the call I expected but dreaded. He said that she might be doing a bit better but that given her condition we should consider letting her go. Of course this was already in my heart but I knew the time had come for me to make the most painful decision of pet ownership. I knew that I couldn't put her through any more. I had to let my baby go.

Lee met me at Rockbrook Animal this afternoon. I held her and told her how much she meant to me and how much I loved her. I told her what a great dog she was and how much I would miss her. I told her that I hoped she was going to a better place and that I would be with her one day. Then I let her go. She died just as she lived, no sound, just gentle silence. I was so lucky to have her in my life. I think that dogs are just another reason I believe in God. They bring so much joy to us. They bring a love that is so strong and so unconditional. I am blessed to have known Libby. Sweet dreams my Libby Lu.


Shortly after my husband and I got married ten years ago, we started considering starting a family...beginning with a dog. We did lots of research and knowing we wanted to have children eventually, we landed on a Brittany since they were known to be wonderful family members as well as good companions for hunting.

We soon reached out to ABR. One day, our rescue coordinator emailed me a picture of an orange and white Brittany that was a local stray and had just come into a local shelter. He was holding a huge blue toy ball in his mouth and I swear he had a smile on his face. We were smitten instantly and upon meeting him, knew we had to have him.

Despite having four different types of worms - including heartworms - our Jesse was the happiest, most special dog we'd ever met. From day one, he aimed to please us.

It was rough at first, despite our immediate bond, we had some hurdles to overcome. He had to undergo heartworm treatment. Not fun for him and not fun for us. Limiting exercise for a one year Brittany puppy is a challenge!

Crate training was a disaster. He would claw himself to the point where he was bloodied and cry endlessly. Upon opening the door, he would jet out to drink excessive amounts of water. It was as though someone previously threw him in a crate with no water and never let him out.

He was initially very frightened of large men and kids. He refused to let my dad let him out to use the restroom when we were at work. He would go in a corner and start to shake excessively.

After heartworm treatment, we were able to start obedience training. By this time, I had become pregnant and was struggling a lot with nausea. In training class, Jesse would pull me nearly to the ground, increasing my nausea from being moved too and fro by this little ball of energy. After a few weeks of this, the instructor suggested the gentle leader collar. I guess she figured I was no match for his nose! The gentle leader became a life long friend to Jesse as well as us:)

As the months rolled by, Jesse began to settle down. With sufficient exercise, he was calm when around us, his people and extremely friendly with all people and dogs. When I was at the end of my pregnancy and would lay on the couch on my side, he snuggled up behind by legs and laid his head on my hips. It was a precious tradition we continued for years.

When we had our first daughter, I experienced severe postpartum depression. Many days and nights I would be crying in despair, so tired and unsure how to properly console my colicky child. Jesse was there for me, every moment. He would place his head on my lap as if to so "it's okay. You're a great mom".

He had a special relationship with both our daughters. The first time both of them giggled out loud was watching him jump in the air to catch popcorn I threw to him. I have numerous pictures of him allowing the girls to smoother him with hugs and kisses. He was also known to turn up with bows in his hair. He'd simply look at me as if to say "don't they realize I am a boy??"

As the years went by, Jesse mellowed. At a checkup with the vet last year, the vet commented "he's turned out to be such a good dog. He was WILD when you first got him. I didn't know if you all would make it!" 9 years later, I had forgotten what a ball of fire he was at first. All he needed was some exercise, love and attention.

By last year, Jesse lost nearly all of his hearing. When I would return home after being out, he would be curled up in a ball on the rug by our front door. You could see the nose marks on the front window where he'd been watching us, probably thinking "come home soon! I'm much happier with you here". I would gently wake him and he'd greet me with a vigorous tail wag and a kiss on the nose.

In November, we lost Jesse in a tragic accident. It was so sudden. Even today, when I arrive home after being out, I occasionally tear up when I see that rug by the front door, looking so empty without his sweet orange and white body curled up in that ball. Our girls still pray for him every night when they do bedtime prayers.

Jesse taught us so much. How to love unconditionally. How live happily through pain. How to trust again after someone has hurt you. How to experience pure, unadulterated joy in the little things (mainly, a tennis ball and a game of fetch). How to comfort someone with a gentle touch.

I will forever be indebted to ABR for the joy and cherished memories you made possible for our family through introducing us to Jesse.

If anybody sees this story and is considering a Brittany through ABR, all I can say is that your life will be so much richer for it.  Several months since Jesse's passing, we have already adopted with ABR again. We discovered our home is just not the same without a fuzzy friend - or friendS. We adopted two Britts this time (which we highly recommend)!

Thank you ABR for the beautiful gift you gave us through Jesse.
The Sher Family
Olathe, KS


With apologies to H.A. Rey…This is George. He is a good little monkey, and always very curious.
George is (NOW!) a delight. He’s been with us for just over 2 years now (adopted from ABR May 2011). He’s still a work in progress, but so am I. When I first got him he just couldn’t settle…and I thought I knew hyper after having my son’s Brit live with me most of one summer! George is Brittany number 3 ½ for us (2 of our own plus our son’s dog). We’ve had the fearless dominant personality dog and the one who was a nervous basket-case (timid, OCD about things being out of their proper place). I was used to “zoomies,” where they would race through the house with their butts tucked under, spin in circles (again, butt tucked under!) on the bed and then leap into the next room, tear around the yard with expressions of pure glee…But George would run laps around the yard, as fast as he could, then come in and run laps around the dining room table. He’d sit down, then almost immediately start to trot around the table again. Even then, he thought everyone was his new best friend…he just couldn’t settle to be petted unless he was dismantling one of his toys (or a throw pillow…and he did that a LOT!). I actually cried a lot the first few months, from pure frustration and near despair. I kept telling myself that if I just was patient and loved him enough, eventually he’d be a really good dog, but the only time he was “calm” was when he was stalking birds or asleep. I thought about getting a thundershirt, but then saw a posting on the ABR bulletin board that suggested rubbing him HARD, like deep tissue massage. It worked ; he turned into a little limp dishrag in my lap. At that point I started letting him sleep on the bed, and that seemed to help as well, once he figured out that he was only welcome if he actually SLEPT on the bed, no leaping about or chewing the people. We took an AKC obedience class and “graduated” successfully October 2011 (although the trainer looked at us the first night and sighed, “oh, a Brittany”). It did teach him to focus on me instead of the distractions around him. He loves to do tricks for treats, will play ball for hours if someone will keep throwing it, and thinks everyone he meets is his new best friend, even the vet. And over the course of his first  winter with us he learned that it’s GOOD to sit on the couch together in the evening and be petted. He’s very loved, and we thank ABR for rescuing him and helping him find his way to us.
Jennifer Maguire


We had our first brittany, Freckles, for 14 yrs. She was such a joy to our whole family, she grew up with our kids! We waited for about a year after she passed to start thinking about getting another dog. My daughter actually found ABR online and they accepted us to adopt one of their dogs. We adopted Turbo in Feb of 2010. Turbo was six when we first got him, and he has been with us for 3 years now. He has been such a pleasure to have! It took a little while for him to adjust, but I really think he just needed to learn to trust us and to get used to his new surroundings. Now all we get is that loving brittany look, and it looks like he is smiling as he chases the birds out of the trees and around the yard.

He likes to cuddle, go on walks and to ride in the car. He has also made it his duty to guard our yard from all birds and small animals that try to come in and invade.

He works so hard that in the summer he gets really hot. We had a water feature in our yard that he tried to take over as his own pool. We could not believe he could even get in and out of it because it was only slightly bigger than him! We ended up buying him his own little pool, so he would stay out of our water feature! He loves laying in his pool on a hot day.

We also have a place in northern Michigan which he loves to visit with us. We were worried about the car ride up there at first, but he is so good. He sleeps the whole way there and back. Up north there are a whole new set of smells and animals. He has encountered a skunk, deer and even snakes up there. We do a lot of jeep riding up north and he is always the first one in the jeep. We took this picture and really feel that it says it all. We truly love having Turbo as a part of our family and feel like he is truly happy with us as well!


Hello my friends, Sadie from Minnesota here!

I am sorry it has been so long since my last update, but boy have I been busy! I took my first road trip last fall, we went up north to see the beautiful fall colors. I was so excited I just couldn't contain myself! I met some new friends along the way and really enjoyed my first time in a cave. Yes you heard that right, a cave! It was really dark but my mom and dad had a flashlight, so I wasn't scared at all. A few weeks ago I took my first road trip out of state. We went to Wisconsin where I met my cousin Murphy; he is a Weimaraner. My mom said she couldn't believe that two dogs could run all weekend and never get tired! We had so much fun and I cannot wait to go back.

My mom adopted a new sister for me, a kitty named Mia. I really love Mia, at first I wasn't sure I liked cats but she is a lot of fun. Sometimes I get a little too excited and I play a little rough, so my mom and dad have taught me that "if she squeaks leave her alone". Sometimes I make the kitty squeak...ooops!

While I love my travels, my friends, and my sisters my favorite spot will always be anywhere that my mom is! I hope you all have a great summer!

Love, Sadie