Notes from Supporters
June 2006

In Memory of Betty
Betty was a beautiful senior brit whom my husband and I adopted through American Brittany rescue about five years ago. She passed away 1 1/2 years ago.
Donating to Jake Fund
Diane Reissig, MI

In Honor of Mandy
Mandy was the sweetest britt girl in the world...She passed away 5/18/06 after a long battle with lymphoma....We raised her from an 8-wk old pup..She is sorely missed...
Donating to Buddy
Specifically for Annie in Georgia
Mary Ann Dombrowski, NY

Special Friend
Donating to Mo-Kan Fund
J Gosnell, KS

Special Friend
Donating to State Fund
Specifically for MI
Alan Maciag, MI

In Honor of Susie
We took Susie in as a Foster. But we are adopting her. She is an angel.
Donating to General Fund
Janice Erickson, MN

In Honor of Clay
Donating to General Fund
Em & Nathan Poole, Calgary, Canada

In Honor of Lewis N. Jones
My Dad, Lewis, is a true Brittany lover! He has had 4 over the years and just lost a very beloved one named "JJ"
Donating to Jake Fund
Specifically for Woody
Elizabeth J. Pope, GA

In Memory of Molly Stout
Molly belonged to our friends and she was a very special little girl. She was very sweet and always so eager to please her owners. She lived 14-1/2 years and her owners are devastated by her passing. We figured the best thing we could do for her/them was to help an agency that helps other dogs like Molly find good homes.
Donating to General Fund
Claire & Bill Davidson, DE

Special Friend
Donating to KS/MO Fund
Specifically for Snickers
Joan Schnabel, WI

Special Friend
Donating to Buddy Fund
Specifically for Olive/Ollie - Kentucky
Rachel Williams, IL

In Honor of David Benjamin
A brittany lover like us, my departed Dad, who lost a liver and white that was very young. Having inherited his black and white, I know how hard it is to have three dogs initially but how rewarding it is as well.
Donating to Buddy Fund
Specifically for Clay, MN
Patrick & Cathy Benjamin, IL

In Honor of Sunshine, TN
Donating to General Fund
Craig and Michele Hunting, MA

In Honor of Dixie
My first brittany when I was a kid. I have three now and one I inherited from my deceased dad. The least I can do is help others who are doing the same.
Donating to Buddy Fund
Specifically for Mindy, IL
Patrick & Cathy Benjamin, IL

In Memory of Lady
Lady passed on June 29, 2006, worse thing I ever had to do was bury my best hunting parnter. She loved hunting!! Had her CD and competed in NAVDA.
Donating to
Specifically for TN
Steve Hunt, TN

In Honor of Donna Tolaio
Donna is a volunteer for your program. This donation comes from her flute students who wanted to make a donation on her behalf.
Donating to State Fund
Specifically for California
Alicia Cortez-Moreno, CA

In Memory of Sammy
We loved Sammy with all our hearts for 12 years. We miss him still.
Donating to Jake Fund
June Hitchcock, CO

In Memory of Emmy
My first Brittany who I still miss every day. Love you, Em.
Donating to Buddy Fund
Specifically for Olive
Susan Rarich, PA

In Memory of Nike
Nike was my special girl, my first and only dog. he was a puppy from my brother's dog's only litter. She was a beautiful Brittany, mostly all orange with a patch of white on her butt like she backed into a paint can, cute freckles on her nose, a wonderful companion and so loving. She died at a young 11 years old, on the operating table, after the vet found 2 grapefruit sized tumors in her liver. I miss her terribly!
Donating to General Fund
Kristi J. Ribar, WI

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